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  1. Hello all, I have a file where I am sectioning up a 3d mesh model and using viewports to generate these sections. When I come to try and export my sheets with these viewports as a pdf I am getting a green bar in the bottom right hand corner, with 'Textures' next to it, that is constantly filling up/ flashing seemingly forever, and the export never completes. I am running 2021 Spotlight. I have a colleague sitting next to me running 2021 Designer who can take the file onto his computer and export it as a pdf with no trouble. It completes the export within 30 seconds, like I would normally expect on my computer. I am running Catalina 10.15.7, 4.2 GHz Quad i7, 40GB 2400 MHz memory, Radeon Pro 580 8GB Graphics card, 230GB space free on the hard drive. Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening? I have been running an export while typing this and it is still flashing the green textures bar and spinny wheel of death after 9 mins.
  2. Hi there, Is anyone able to help me locate installers for Mac VWX 2016 dongle versions. Also I have recently has to update my computer and therefore now use High Sierra 10.13.4. has anyone had any experience using 2016 on High Sierra? Does it work or will it be problematic? Thanks for you help. C
  3. Ok so you can go ahead and delete or close this post. I have solved the problem by restoring the application folder in time machine to earlier this morning. However if anyone knows why this happened I would be curious to know. Cheers, Celene
  4. Also if the answer is to re-install VWX then can anyone direct me to an installer for the 2016 dongle version. I am working abroad and don't have any installers with me.
  5. Hi, I have just come across a problem using Vectorworks 2016. I construct models in Rhino and then import them into Vectorworks to generate my technical drawings. Having imported a new model into a template I was initially able to dimension in viewport as per normal with out any trouble, however at a certain point after around 10 dimensions being added the pan tool no longer responds and nor does the constrained dimension tool. Even when I am stuck in the viewport with this problem there is no response when I click on the 'Exit Viewport Annotation' button in the corner. Also snapping points are not responding but the do respond when I move to the browser to type this and then just hover the mouse over to my other screen where vector works is showing but is not the selected software in use. I initially though it may be due to the 3d model being to much for the software to handle though I have been successfully using this workflow with more complicated models up until this point. After resetting VW and the computer I now have the same problem will all my VWX files even ones I generated prior to this problem. I have also tried importing the model into a new file that is not a template and I have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated since it is now impossible for me to use VWX! Thanks, Celene
  6. Hi guys, I have done a quick search for this topic but did not find anything about it yet. Please re direct me if the answer exists somewhere else. I am have just acquired a dongle version of Vectorworks 2016 and Im having trouble locating a download to install the software. Does anyone know where I might be able to find it? Thanks.
  7. Thanks! Do you know is there a way of altering just the lines that lead to the object, and keeping the line with the text solid? Thanks for your help!
  8. Hi guys, First off apologies if this in the wrong section, let me know if it should go somewhere else. Is it possible to change the line style of dimensions? As far as I can tell you can only use continuous, but if possible I would like to change it to something like a long dash dotted line. This came up from by current boss, who told me that the standard used to be to use a long dash dotted (for hand drawings) and he would like to be able to use this style when drafting using vectorworks.
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