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  1. I am looking for new challenges with a lateral career shift, moving from a successful 18-year self-employed position in which I have provided complete custom residential design services (from initial client contact to construction project completion), to a design director-type role in which I guide the design process, primarily using my well-honed client interaction, program development, and visionary skills. I am well-versed in Vectorworks, working almost entirely in the 3D environment, so this skill would be useful in assisting staff architects, designers and/or draftspersons in their work. Relocation is assumed. Marc Manley www.skiadesign.com https://www.houzz.com/pro/skiadesign/skia-design-llc
  2. Great! Let's see it in the next release! 😉
  3. Thanks, Rob. That covers Arroway anyway. I have done what you suggested before. I was hoping I didn't have to go outside VW to do this. And you can't do it for a whole lot of other textures, while some texture thumbnails easily show what you're going to get. Why can't the thumbnails be consistent in a WYSIWYG kind of way? Wish List?...
  4. Can anyone please tell me an easy way to locate the right texture easily? What I mean is, say I want to find a stacked stone texture for use on a wall with the pattern I have in mind. The thumbnails in the resource browser are too small to tell which is a suitable candidate, and there are loads of them. Rather than doing sometimes multiple random selections, applying each one to a wall component, then visualizing what it looks like, is there any kind of at-your-fingertips catalog showing the textures in full size?
  5. Finally! Fixed in VW2018 (but not the most recent SP5 of 2017). Yay.
  6. Yet another service pack and still not fixed. I'm beginning to wonder if this is the longest-lived bug in VW software? Anybody know of any others that have been around longer than this one? (A belated thanks, Matt. I had been so used to using the bearing inset tool and getting annoyed by this bug that I overlooked the obvious. Of course creating a roof directly from the walls instead of a polygon is more problematic without that functionality. But I guess the VW developers don't really care about that.)
  7. The problem is that the bearing inset option is non-functional when creating a roof with the Create Roof tool. For example, if you know you want a roof with 2 x 10 framing (thus 9 1/4" thickness) on a 2 x 4 wall and you want the beginning of the birdsmouth cut to start at the inside face of the studs you would want to set the bearing inset to 3 1/2". But the bearing inset option has been greyed out, i.e., is non-functional, so you have to take convoluted steps to get the roof positioned relative to the birdsmouth cut. The Create Roof tool used to quickly get you the roof set just how you want it without having to manipulate with multiple options of the Components. Now because I learned to use the Create Roof tool years ago and it's worked for me, can you please point me in the right direction to better understand the Components aspect? And... would understanding this give me the ability to create a roof more quickly—with the right thickness, bearing inset, pitch, bearing height, and eave profiles—than with the Create Roof tool with the bearing inset working properly?
  8. More than that. The bug started in VW 2016.
  9. Still another Service Pack release, and still an often used tool bug has not been fixed. Seriously?!?
  10. Thanks for the reply, but I'm thick and I don't follow completely. Do "it" and "VB-127988" refer to a known bug, and you're saying you don't know why this one hasn't been fixed yet? If so, I'd like to know what you find out, and when we could expect a fix.
  11. OK, I really would like some help with this. I just upgraded to 2017 and see that the problem persists. Did "Create Roof" become a Legacy tool sometime back and I somehow missed it? I've found this tool quite helpful, but it is much less so when you can't use the bearing inset. Please... a little help someone.
  12. I just downloaded SP6 of VW2016. Four or five service packs ago I discovered the Bearing Inset option on the Create Roof tool was not working. I called Service Select and was told they were aware of that. I've been hoping with each SP the Bearing Inset option would be fixed. But nope, it hasn't been. I haven't upgraded to 2017 yet, but wonder: Is this tool just not important enough for anyone to care? Has the Create Roof tool been completely revised for 2017 such that Bearing Inset isn't even an option, or does Bearing Inset work again in VW2017? This kind of inattention on Vectorwork's part is somewhat troubling to me.
  13. Thanks, Tim. Works for me. Interesting that something like this hasn't been fixed for 4 versions worth of VW.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of these white line edges around "door openings" which show up in various RW modes (see attached image). That's a Door object in a wall set as a "Door Opening" (uncased drywall opening). Thanks.
  15. mjw: Why do you add hatches in viewports? If I'm understanding why you might, I would respond that I used to do that, but when I learned that the hatches can be applied directly to the model that's all I ever do now. For example, in 2D elevation viewports it was always so cumbersome to apply a brick hatch to a wall behind deck posts because it'd be multiple brick hatch polygons/polylines rather than the one applied directly to the wall surface, with the posts obscuring in the 2D viewport (which I think is what zoomer is describing with applying hatches to RW materials—is that right, zoomer?) But maybe you have other reasons. I'm (almost!:-) always ready to learn something new.
  16. Thanks, Grant and Zoomer. I guess I'm sold. Yup, I figured I might add the additional 8G RAM my machine can take. And the samples in the Vectorworks in Action forum (not the Gallery), esp. the most recent ones by David S, seem to be at that next level I'd like to get to. Lack of shadow-casting has been one of the biggest limitations in my current design toolkit. I and my clients will appreciate that feature.
  17. OK, I think I'm almost talked into it. Final question (I think!): will my machine specs handle it OK? The hatches add a fair amount to file size. I keep almost everything contained in one .vwx file (the model on Design layers, with Sheet layers with viewports of all the plans, elevations, sections, etc. It's just me doing the work so one file works best. My typical file size is in the 80 to 110MB size and for the most part walkthroughs, flyovers, etc. of the fully detailed model render well and quickly enough (only occasional crashes or freezes). Do you think trading out the hatches for textures will help in this respect? (FWIW, I usu. wait to upgrade to the current VW until after at least one service pack has been released, and will upgrade to El Capitan at the same time.)
  18. Thanks for the responses. Questions: What does "UW" mean? User W____? zoomer: What do you use to "do Visualization outside of VW completely"? And when you say it "is just that the usability is far more tedious that it had to be, some problems/bugs and some strange special behaviors in RW design that I can't tolerate," wouldn't all of that mean that it ultimately might take longer to do things in RW vs. the use of hatches applied on Layer Planes? And, not having really looked into RW, I had the impression that photorealism was attainable without having to add on other software packages. Not so? If this is the case, then when I look at examples on Nemetschek's website, are these renderings done with RW PLUS something else? If so, can anyone show me any 3D examples of what RW does without that PLUS something?
  19. First, I know that there's a specific Renderworks forum, but my question has more to do with workflow efficiency within a residential design context. So I'm thinking folks who pay particular attention to this specific forum might have the best answers to my questions. Since there is currently a great Service Select promotion to add Renderworks I'm finally seriously considering adding it, but I need to know if it would really be a value add to my particular business, which is residential design services to folks generally in the mid- to upper middle class strata. These folks typically would rely on either stock plans or builder plans for their homes rather than pay the typical fees of licensed architects. I offer them design services at a rate they would find palatable. Over the years I've refined my VW techniques to a workflow which works well for me and more importantly, my clients and their builders. I'm able to give them a deep understanding of what they are going to build, using, of course, many of the 3D tools, and adding hatches on layer planes in lieu of textures. See Webpage Samples, and esp. the first two images to give you an idea of how I currently present. So, all that said, here are my questions (there's really only one, in multiple components): 1) Will Renderworks speed up the process, since I won't have to add hatches? 2) The hatches work great for me in the construction drawings elevations. Would Renderworks elevations work as well, or would I still have to create the hatches anyway, in order to get the linework and "crispness" typically associated with construction drawings and what builders are familiar with? 3) In other words, is Renderworks more a visualization tool limited to preliminary and design development stages, and to sell a project or one's firm? Or can it successfully be integrated into the whole construction document process? If the answer to the very last question is yes, can any of you quickly point me to some image examples? I'd love to add Renderworks and move more to photorealism, but given my clientele and business model I'd need a good reason to justify the added expense. All the better if it does speed up the workflow.
  20. Yup, good tip, and I do that. Just somehow missed this particular tool. The "Migrate Workspace" procedure is definitely problematic in this regard.
  21. Thanks, Peter. That's what I'm talking about! Under what version was that added? I use a custom workspace and must have overlooked that on an upgrade.
  22. Thanks, Josh, Yes, using a symbol is quicker than re-creating it each time, but I wonder whether it can be done even quicker with a keyboard shortcut? After all there's ? and ?, for example. You'd think there'd be a centerline symbol.
  23. Is there a centerline symbol available whether in VW or via Mac fonts/keyboard characters? You know the 'L' laying on top of the 'C' a little down and to the right? It's a hassle to have to create your own.
  24. I did a couple days ago. Also had calls/email exchanges with them starting last week on other issues as alluded to above. More silence. Who is "Tech"? I've seen numerous posts from him or her (and I remember Katie from way back). Is it my misunderstanding that they are part of Nemetschek tech support?
  25. Wow. The silence is deafening. Is this a normal response (or lack thereof)?esp. from tech support?for a problem like mine?


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