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  1. Ive just imported a dwg that was converted from a pdf (not the best workflow i know) each line in what was originally one large text box has been pulled off into separate text boxs, is there a simple way i can re combine them (with out having to cut and paste each line into a new text box)
  2. Ive got 30 different symbols, some of them when highlighted say they are page based unit and some say they use world based units. These symbols are coming up in different sizes even though they are all made from the same template (note they are 30 different symbols each used multiple times (some of the 30 are page based, some are world based), rather than 1 symbol instance used 30 times.) Is there a way to change the Units from page based to world based or visa versa for a symbol ? Am i correct it guessing that the units has something to do with File > Document Settings > Units.. I haven't come across them mentioned in the object info before.
  3. We are looking to get some 1:1 training over skype covering the MEP toolset - specifically the lighting and circuiting tools. We can pay via paypal or via odesk (choice is yours). Please PM me if your interested, please include rates. Thanks
  4. We are looking for a Vectorworks technician / Interior Architectural assistant to work freelance and / or full time at our offices in London, UK. If you are interested / have any questions about the position please contact me via private message. Thanks
  5. Thanks bcd, Modify>Compose worked. When you say 'Connect/Combine tool' do you mean modify > combine into surface ?
  6. Ive got a bunch of lines that were drawn using the 2d line tool. Is there a way i can join these lines into a shape that can be edited using the 2dpolygon tool ?
  7. When selecting objects in my design layer im getting these odd arrows at the top of the object - any idea why these are occurring ive never come across them before ?
  8. Thanks Michaelk, That approach seemed to work best for me, one thing though.. is there any way i can update the section markers - like in the image below (I need to change the number. ie. the example below the 1) ?
  9. Ive got a thick wall that ive draw with the wall tool. Im placing a window in the wall using the window tool as per the image below Usually when i place a window in wall the wall automatically creates an opening - but this wall (i guess becuase its so thick) dosnt - any ideas how i can fix this / work around it ?
  10. Ive got a plan of a 3d model, i want to use hidden line for the background render so that the complex 3d elements look cleaner like the image below (note the toilet) (this drawing is in top view) But i want to keep the 2d door detail (see left of image below this is in top / plan - wireframe) Is there any way i can get the 2d door details while keeping the hidden line rendering for the more complex objects / elements like the toilet ?
  11. Thanks Tamsin, Any idea with this one - for the most part what you said above works but in some instances i still get the drawings behind showing up. Ive found that if i use 'depth range - finite' (and set a value) that it solves the problem but shouldnt "Limited by Section Line Length" solve this problem, why sometimes do i have to use 'depth range - finite' and sometimes i dont ?
  12. Ive got a section viewport generated from a 3d model. When creating the section view port (view > create section viewport) i set the drawing lable details (number and title) the section viewport then looks like below Is there any way to change the drawing label details once they are created - without having to make a completely new section viewport ? Ive tried selecting the section viewport and in the object info panel changing the details for drawing name and drawing number (see image below - note changed details in object info panel) but the section viewport dosnt change - any ideas ?
  13. Thanks Michael ! Is there a way to set the class you want when creating the section viewport ?
  14. Ive got a room drawn in 3D, ive taken a section of the room as a section viewport, when i generate the viewport this section the cut through walls are filled black, i get the same if i cut another element (for example an extruded square). The result is ends up like the below (section on the left). At the moment the drawing is has the render settings Background render - Hidden Line Foreground render - None (ive tired others settings but to no avail) Any idea why this is happening / how i can turn it outlines only (ie. no fills for cut elements)
  15. We're working on a number of setting out drawings to do these we work in 3D then generate the sections and plan from there. The final sheet layers look something like this Essentially the basic plan with section lines looks like this But to create these sheet layers with 5 viewports it takes about 8-10 mins each time (i have about 25 of these to do) is there a quicker way to create them. At the moment im using "view > create section viewport" 4 times and "view > create viewport" once (for the plan). Is there a command that will auto generate 4 interior sections (which i could later fine tune there positions) in the same way you can use view > create multiple viewports (although they create elevations not sections) ? Or is there another workflow that would be better / quicker ?
  16. Thanks Nig, To answer your questions : - mac osx 10.9 - vwx designer 14 - interior setting out, bespoke furniture drawings for tender (design drawings not shop drawings), bathroom setting out (done in 3D), lighting RCP, small power setting out etc - The system is not networked they are all independent machines, we share files via dropbox.
  17. Were hiring a couple of new CAD technicians as part of the application we want to test them on their vwx skills, we are going to get them to do the sort of drawings that we normally do (setting out drawings). We have a good knowledge of VWX but dont know every aspect of the programme, in your opinion are there some good questions to ask / things to test for when testing a CAD technician applicant
  18. We've got someone joining our team that has experience of Autocad (but we work on VWX) are there some Tips / Advice / Opinions / Tutorials that you know of that would be good for them while transitioning ?
  19. We do allot of setting out drawings and although we can draw items from scratch and then make them into symbols it would be really great if we could drag them from the Tools Set pallet. Ive heard there is a way that you can add your own items into the pallet, which would be ok, but what id really like to do is to add configurable items to the pallet, in a similar way to the 'table' element in the furniture tab, where you can alter it by settings in the object info. Is there a way to create your own configurable objects like that?
  20. Ive got a design layer like this (each blue blob is a room when zoomed in) I make my 3D section viewport as the video below (and then wait for vwx to create the section) [video:youtube] and i end up with my viewport in the sheetlayer looking like this as you can see it contains not only my section (far left) but also sections of all the other rooms in that plane in my design layer Is there a way i can just get the section of the room i want (by somehow specifying were the section ends so that it wont pick up the other rooms)
  21. Thanks Jim, is there a way to specify the poly count after its production as i havnt modeled these there downloaded.
  22. Ive got several complex 3D objects that ive downloaded from the manufactures website for use in our setting out drawings. The models are more complex / detailed that we need (not that thats a bad things but they are rather large and slow to move / manipulate) Is there a way in vectorworks to reduce the poly count of a 3d object ? Also if i was to make a the 3d object a symbol would that save space in the file as each one wouldn't be a unique instance (they are the same item anyway) Are there any other space / speed saving techniques for working with 3D objects ?
  23. Ive got a 3D object (which is made up of several grouped symbols) i want to change the dims of the overall grouped object, is there a simple way i can change the width, height, depth of the object via the object info panel ? When i select the object at the moment i get this (below image) in the object info panel which dosnt allow me to change anything but the class of the object. Ive included a link to the file if anyone wants to see the object (ive saved it as a vwx 2009 file in case your on an older version) - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8qzlkbxqsvhs1n8/3D_example_20.2.14_v2009.vwx -- VWX Designer 2014
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