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  1. @Vincent The only issue ive found with the Google Warehouse is that they usually dont import well into vectorworks and remain editable, not to mention being very heavy compared to a vwx drawn item
  2. I use the resource browser to view all of my symbols, but its not ideal as some symbols are to do with Lighting, others Small Power, others San Ware etc.. is there a way i can use sub folders within the resource browsers symbols / plugin objects dropdown to better organize these ?
  3. We use dropbox to share files between our team, from time to time i see .lck files being made a deleted, i guess these are files that are used when in a shared environment to stop some one else opening and working on the same file, but even though these files are being made it seems someone else can still open the files, is there any reason behind this ? Also due to the way dropbox works ie. syncing over the internet rather than a local on site file server setup there can often be a lag between the file being closed (when i guess the lck file is deleted) and the new .vwx file being synced to some one elses machine, is there a way to set the lck files not to deleted for a period of time after closing say 90 seconds ?
  4. Thanks @patrick, but i cant see the display objects beyond plane setting, ive tried to add a screenshot of the options ive got but cant get it to display in the post correctly please see link here - http://imgur.com/cnrirxR
  5. Ive got an image of a bath i need to model for a setting out drawing, please see below Ordinarily i would draw a hemisphere, using the 3d tools group it and then stretch the group, but this would leave me with an Easter egg shape ie. symmetrical shape, how would i model a shape like this that is tear drop shaped, ie. narrower at one end than the other ?
  6. Ive made some section viewports all of which have the depth range set for them when making the section vp and clicking on advanced properties. For one of my SVPs i didn't do this, but when i try to edit it using the object info i dont get the option, any ideas where i can change this ? please see below link to image for more info
  7. From time to time im getting an error when saving my file, somthing like "this opperation couldnt be completed due to a lack of memory", what ive now noticed is that when these messages come up im also getting a new file called my_file_namevwtmp.vwx any idea what the purpose of these are ?
  8. Ive got 3 design layers in a file, each one has a referenced viewport in it. When ive got all of my design layers on only the one that is active is displayed, if i change the active design layer that one will now display but the other 2 will turn off, even though the visibility is set to on. Any ideas how to resolve this ?
  9. @bc, I tried right clicking but couldnt see the replace menu any ideas (please see 1st image below) (please note this isnt the same file, but has the same symbol issue) @klinzey - by the way i tried changing the name of the symbol, as you stated they were slightly different (trailing space) but when i changed them to the same it appends "-2" to the end of the symbol name
  10. Some how Ive ended up with 2 symbols with the same icon and same name, so that i can run a report Id like to combine them into 1 symbol is there a way i can merge them ? Below is an image of the 2 symbols from the resource browser
  11. Ive crated a report that counts the number of instances of certain symbols in my file. At the moment ive got two columns 'symbol name' column A and 'instance count' column B, is it possible to get an instance of the symbol so it can be used as a key (although i wouldn't want the symbol instance in the key counted as part of the report)
  12. Thanks Buzz Lightyear, where can i find those settings, ive looked under all the options when creating the report, but couldnt see anything that would allow me to do that ?
  13. Thanks Michaelk, I gave it a putting the lights that are outside of the room in a different class and turned that class off, but the lights are still showing up when i run the report, any ideas ?
  14. Im just getting to grips with reports, often i have a key and also some other symbols (which are left over, from my workings, but i dont want to delete) which i dont want included in the report, is there a way i can select all the symbols i want, then only include them in the report ? In the screen shot below for instance id only want to include the symbols in the room (please click on the image to see it larger)
  15. Just a note for people without illustrator there is a website called comet docs that you can upload a pdf to and it will convert it to a dwg which you can then import into vwx
  16. @JimW the file path is : /Users/sam/Desktop/FOLDER NAME
  17. When i export a dwg i get asked to name the file and folder, but the folder name always seems to get shortened after a certain amount of characters.. is there a way to stop this happening. Ive included a screen shot below of what happens (please note for privacy the project name has been blurred out)
  18. Ive always drawn my hinge markers as per the example on the left, i was told today that a while back the standards had changed, and now the 'proper' way to draw them is the way on the right, but i couldnt find any info on this online. What do you normally do ? Does anybody have any authoritative details references about this change ? Im in the UK, so im not sure if this is a UK change, or if this is purely misinformation .. ? (click on the image to make it larger)
  19. Is there a way to get infinite length guides / guidelines, so that they cover the whole of the design layer ? At the moment the only ones ive been able to make is by drawing a line selecting it and hitting make / create guides. But this only makes me a guide the length of the line i drew.
  20. Yeah i thought about making 1 VP and then copying it and re cropping although the downside of this is if you need to change them all across the whole file, you have to do them sheet layer, by sheet layer.. BUT thanks very much for letting me know about multiple pages in a single sheet layer.. not sure how i haven't stumbled upon that before VERY USEFUL !
  21. Thanks Matt, That sounds like exactly what i was looking for ! One question you said "only this particular viewport" is there a way this can be set as a global setting for all the viewports in the file ?
  22. Is there a way to work with colored lines in a Design Layer, so everything is ordered, but when you publish have these converted to a mixture of line weights and line styles.. For instance any thing that is red in my design layer i would want to change when publishing to black, solid, 0.25 weight. Anything that is cyan, i would want to change to black, 0.05, dashed. (so that the order an hierarchy of lines in the drawing is still readable) The reason i ask i someone is joining us from an Autocad background at they said this is how they work with their Design layers, which get automatically changed from colored lines to lines with dashes and weights when viewed in the sheet layer.. so that when you publish / print the drawing the lighter colored lines still show up (when on a white background)
  23. Im working on a project were someones done a drawing in Autocad, they've done the drawing in the design layer (in AC its called a model space) they've then created a viewport which is in a sheet layer. When printing / publishing i want to use their .ctb file to manage the line weights, how can i do this ? I read the following (below) from a whats new in VWX 12 pdf i found online, does anyone know more about this ?
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