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  1. Is there a way to export all call out text in a viewport into a worksheet, so that it can be taken an loaded into a excel spreadsheet ?
  2. @Christiaan I was googling this issue and came back to this thread i started 5 years ago ! Do you know which official document would show that option 1 is the ISO standard ?
  3. Dose VWX 2017 run on OSX 10.13 high Sierra ? Ive seen conflicting reports.. on the official system requirements page it’s not listed as compatible https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq?version=2017 But on the vector works blog it states SP5 makes in compatible https://www.google.com/amp/blog.vectorworks.net/vectorworks-2017-now-compatible-with-macos-high-sierra%3Fhs_amp%3Dtrue which is correct ?
  4. I would like to know if this is possible also, to convert a bunch for 2018 files to 2017
  5. How many computers can i install my license on ? I have three computers, i sync all my files between them using dropbox. I would like to be able to install VWX on all my 3 machines, obviously i would only be able to run it on one machine at at time. Is that possible ?
  6. Ive got VWX 2017 Architect and want to commission a measured survey of an existing building we are going to be working on. In the past we have always had 2 surveys (plans, elevations, sections) but was thinking about doing this one in 3d. The problem is the surveyors i use dont seem too familiar with VWX, but can output their laser survey data to a range of formats. They have sent me a few test files to see if they import ok, but all of the files come in a 3d solids, rather than editable 3d objects eg. if i click on a door its just a group of 3d rectangles assembled to make a door, it is not editable in the same way a door inserted into VWX is in the object info tab. What would be the best way to get a 3d laser survey (i believe they use Leica equipment) that would be directly editable in VWX ?
  7. We are currently running VWX 2014 SP5 on a variety of Mac computers, running either OSX 10.10.x or 10.11.x. We have to keep the Mac's running a lower version of OSX (the current version is 10.13.x) as VWX 2014 is not supported on anything higher than 10.11.x. We would really like to be able to run a newer version of OSX as other programmes are begining to stop supporting OSX 10.10 and in the future will stop supporting OSX 10.11 We have licenses for up to VWX 2018 (as we have purchased new licenses but always request a 2014 serial number) My concern of changing to a newer version of OSX is to do with VWX system requirements from VWX 2015 onwards VWX has been designed to use the graphics card more and more, see this quote from the system requirements page The issue is that the Macs we run all have are Mac minis with > 2.5ghz i5, 16gb ram, Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB (which is an integrated / non dedicated graphic card). Vectorworks in their system requirements mention that the graphics card should be dedicated, but the Macs we run (Macbook pros, and mac minis) tend to only have integrated graphics cards, where are the iMacs, and Mac Pros have dedicated graphics cards. The work we do is mostly 2d drafting, with some 3d modelling for bathroom setting out drawings (so that we can have a template library of simple fittings and place them in and then auto generate the elevations) although the 3d work is almost always done in wireframe, polygon, hidden line or dashed hidden line mode. And the shapes we use a pretty simple eg. a free standing bath or a sink is a sphere cut in half and hollowed using "shell solid" and scaled using object info and a tap is either a bunch of cylinders or a circle extruded along a path. We dont do any complex modelling, BIM, lighting, rendering textures, rendering shadow etc. Ideally we dont want to have to change every computer we have to have a bigger graphics card as this would require a whole new computer as you cant swap out the graphics cards. We'd really like to be able to run OSX 10.12 or 10.13 and either run VWX 2014 (although its not officially supported, but it has a lower graphics card requirement) or run VWX 2015, 16, 17 or 18, but dont want to run into a graphics card issue. Has anyone tried running 2014 or a version of OSX higher than 10.11 ? Baring in mind the type of work we do would a version of VWX 2015 or higher work on the machines we have ? We could just "try it" but if it dosnt work i will have upgraded all of my files to VWX 2018 and i dont think its possible to batch downgrade them back to 2014, plus you cant easily downgrade a Mac OSX version.
  8. Is it possible to do LUX level calculations inside of vectorworks, similar to this : https://eslav.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/fasle-colour-display.jpg ? If so would someone mind pointing me in the right direction of some further info on how to do it ? We're running VWX 2014 (although have licenses for 2017), we are running archtiect, if it is possible to do these LUX models, is it possible inside of architect or would we need spotlight ?
  9. Ive got a drawing with call out boxes / text annotating various parts. Some of the call out boxes / text repeat each other, in some placed where there are lots of call outs its makes the drawing quite hard to read. Is there a way i could instead of having call out boxes, have a box that said "1" and then a key that says "1) - Widget 750mm from floor" That way the drawing would be neater and where i need to duplicate call out boxes they all relate to the same note. Obviously i could do this just with a call out box and a separate text block where i would write the info for the key, i was wondering if there was a more automated / sleek way to do this.
  10. Thanks Zoomer, you where correct, there is an option for middle click under the "click" settings which sorted it. Thanks again !
  11. Ive got a Logitech LS1 laser mouse which is a standard mouse with a scroll wheel which is clickable. On some machines ive got Vectorworks installed on ive had the mouse scroll wheel setup so i can pan around the drawings in the same way the pan tool works. On my laptop running OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 ive not been able to get this to work, it always brings up OSX's mission control view. Ive recently downloaded the settings programme for my mouse in which it gives me some options to configure various features, but im unsure what i should set the centre scroll button click to do, to enable panning in Vectorworks - Any ideas ? Please see attached screenshot of settings for reference.
  12. To export PDFs from VWX i use FILE > PUBLISH > PDF I then save the PDF to the relevant folder in our shared company dropbox. We have multiple users producing different drawings for different projects, so sometimes i can easily find a PDF for a items, but am unsure as to which VWX file it came / was generated from, as we have vartious referenced VWX files for each project. Is there any way we can inbed as a piece of meta data in the PDF file the parent VWX file the PDF was generated from ? We are running VWX 2014 Architect
  13. That works great in 2014, thanks It seems my issue was with being to insert a new column. I could insert a column, but it would always insert left rather than insert to the right. When they where inserted left it did not let me edit the cells, but i can see when they where inserted to the right it did. How do you insert a column to the right of an existing column ?
  14. Thanks @pat stanford I gave that a try but i wasnt able to insert the formula, i created a test file, would you mind having a look, it seems i cant input the anything into column C. Here is a link to the test file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd0vwvhbaur26yr/report example v2014.vwx?dl=0
  15. How can i edit my signature in the new VWX forum to automatically include my VWX version (eg. VWX 2014 Architect) into all of my posts ?
  16. We produce our lighting drawings using custom symbols for light fittings. We then run a Symbol count report inside of VWX to get the QTYs of light fittings. This currently works fine but give us a total number of fittings across the whole project. What we'd like to be able to do is run the report but further segment it, by room / area. Is there a way to be able to define rooms / areas and run this report so it would output something like the below report mockup (see attached screenshot below) Im running VWX 2014 Architect. Although i do have a license for 2017 also, just havnt upgraded yet.
  17. Hi Jim, Not sure as everything has been in dropbox for the last 4 years or so, i dont remember seeing it happen before then. It is a an odd issue as we have probally had hundered of files across different projects and it only seems to have happened once or twice, but wondered if it was a known issue with a standard resolution / work around. The cloud storage issue with dropbox never seems to have been a problem for us. I have seen issues when sharing a file mac to PC via dropbox as the PC file system has different illegal characters to mac OSX, but Mac to Mac it always seems to work very well
  18. We are running VWX 2014 Architect between a few users in a team. We share all our drawings over a shared dropbox folder. We name our files as follows for different parts of the project which are all referenced to each other using referenced design layers : PROJECT NAME - LIGHTING PROJECT NAME - FURNITURE SETTING OUT etc.. Sometimes we've noticed file names changing from ALL CAPS as above, to all lower case - Any idea why this could be happening ? I dont think its a dropbox issue as i havnt noticed it happening with any other non VWX files shared in dropbox.
  19. Funnily enough Ive actually already got VW2017 through an upgrade scheme we where on, but due to graphic card requirements in later versions we have not moved past using 2014 yet
  20. Hi zoomer, do you know if its available for earlier versions natively or available still as a plugin for earlier services ?
  21. Ive got a 3d model im working on in VWX 2014 architect. I want to insert the model into the photo of the street scape. Ive had a look online and found some videos on youtube for a plugin called Camera Match previous made by PanzerCad which is now part of Vectorworks. But i couldnt find any details on how to get the Camera Match feature to work inside of VWX natively. Any ideas ?
  22. I work across 2 screens : SCREEN1 - 15" Macbook Pro, SCREEN2 - 22" Monitor. The way i like to have them setup is with my drawing on SCREEN2 and all my pallets on SCREEN1. The problem i have is that every time i open VWX my drawing is on SCREEN2 with all the pallets dumped ontop of it (see screenshot). I then have to manually drag them to screen 2 arrange the positions etc to start working, as soon as i close and re open VWX this resets to everything be dumped on SCREEN2. How can i get the palette positions saved to always sit on SCEEN1 ? VWX Architect 14 OSX
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