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  1. Thank you everyone for the replies, I will come back with a more concise reply soon, but for the moment just reading through all your replies and advice. Thanks!
  2. Well, preferably we would like to continue building models and creating plans using Vectorworks, then perhaps export elsewhere to render visuals. Mainly it's for interiors and exhibit stand design. So something that can easily import from Vectorworks seems the most logical option. It would be really great to see a few examples of what is achievable. So far visuals using Vectorworks really aren't that great! It seems artlantis is the option that's the most appealing.. Both on the learning curve front and the capabilities/compatibility.
  3. Hello all, We currently make use of Vectorworks/Renderworks 2014 to produce visuals. But we are trying to push the envelope of what is possible in Renderworks. The quality of visuals doesn't seem like the best in the industry. So does anyone know of any tips/tricks/tutorials to help improve our visuals. But also, can anyone recommend a better alternative? We have done a little research into using 3DS Max, Vray, C4D and Artlantis. what do you all think is the best option, also taking into consideration price/training etc. We are also looking to create better walkthroughs, as the functions available in renderworks aren't great.
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