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  1. I have never used a an MSI or gigbyte laptop. and it concerns me. I once owed a sony laptop that was a lemon. thinking lenovo (almost a pun) possible alieneware/ DELL seen some issues with HP s at work and home. HP seem to think there smarter than intel and put bloat on the system. Convince me?
  2. I think 19 will be my new desktop in a couple of years. spec look crazy good. i think the laptops are going to be top dollar. Not sure I can wait have some Biz travel on tap. thanks
  3. Hi Folks, Need to get a new laptop as a Travel Computer / Desktop Replacement when away from my office. Currently my desktop is an I7-4770 @3.4ghz 16g ram , NVIDIA Geforce GTX 645 will have to update this desktop as well but hoping to get a couple of more years out of it. Do a fair amount of rendering Looking at new laptops and lots of options. Anyone have any recommendations on processor. Is a xeon worth it ($$$) and do you think a Laptop with one 500g SSD is adequate.. I have looked at the Knowledge base and the tested Machines on the Vectorworks site. Any laptop recommendations from users would be helpful. Need to pull the trigger soon. Thanks, -Paul
  4. Thanks ! Markdd! your are correct I found a workaround for the exterior wall but the interior were going to be tricky. I added to the work space and Presto. thanks to you and all who chimed in.
  5. Ok, Fit walls to objects is not available in spotlight workspace any other thoughts? thanks for your help
  6. thanks, i think I understand what you are saying create object and subtract object?
  7. Hi Help, Wall Peak Problem that I cant Figure out. Created walls from polygon object The tried to Reshape wal and Add a Peak I seam to get an unexpected Result on the lower corners of the peak with a miter? How do I resolve this? Also really messes with Create roof. Thanks,
  8. Greetings, I am working with a complex drawing with focus points. many layers ect. I have a few but I cannot Find them. Is there a way to force view them? Also Do you typically class them? Would you typically put them on a single Layer. Thanks, P 2016


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