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  1. FCA

    File Icon Colour

    Well, this week I found out that I can't generate clear text output from the 2019 software recently installed due to my 6 year old laptop having operating software outdated/incompatible (macOS Sierra 10.12.6). That's ok. At least I found out the problem and will wait till Apple comes out with a new laptop I like. After installing the VW2019 software, being excited to use it - I generated 2019 versions of the current files of current projects I'm involved with. I kept all of the original V2018 files + also left the 2018 VW software on my computer. Fortunately I can continue to alter the 2018 files via the 2018 VW software and generate PDFs crystal-clear. A relatively minor thing that's bothering me is that the icon colour of the 2018 files somehow has remained as black ('2019') - changed to that colour when I installed the 2019 VW software initially - though they work as/with the 2018 VW software. I tried taking a file - going into 'get info' and switching file type from 2019 - colour black (it read 2019 for some reason though worked as 2018 file) to 2018 - colour purple... and the file colour didn't change to purple (stayed black). Any thoughts on how I can change the icon colour back to purple? Aside from the quite insignificant issue of colour preference there is a distinct possibility in future I open a black 2018 file by mistake with 2019 software (did that already after 4 days) + then am not able to open the newly created 2019 file with my 2018 VW software, and by mistake have not a backup of the 2018 file. Thanks in advance for any feedback. No rush.
  2. FCA


    Hi, I know this is going to sound like a very naive question but it is because my workflow has worked exceptionally well forever and to date have had no compelling reason to do different... being a (Mac) user from way back (Minicad) I've done 2d drawings + 3D (quite naive but suits my purposes) separately rather than hybrid - on design layers not utilizing viewports. As I presently and in the future will consider doing everything hybrid - I'm wondering if it is a mistake not to be figuring out how to incorporate viewports - or if continuing using design layers without them is without major disadvantage. Thanks for any comments.


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