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  1. I am currently running Vectorworks 2013 Fundamentals. It does all I need and I have a lot of productivity plugins that I have hired developers to produce over the years. I don't have a burning need to upgrade VW at this time. I do, however, have a need to upgrade some of the other software that I use for my business. This will require new work stations with operating systems that are no longer compatible with VW 2013. I would consider upgrading to VW 2020 with a perpetuity license but I am apprehensive about whether or not this is still just a BETA version. A lot of companies rush to market with half-baked software because they don't want to pay their own people to test their product. If I buy a perpetuity license am I eligible for any patch updates related to premature software release?
  2. Thanks for the quick response Jim! I have a tech guy coming into my shop this afternoon and this was one of his questions.
  3. I am not sure where to post this question so forgive me if it is in the wrong spot. I need to uninstall Vectorworks 2013 on a dead iMac. The computer is completely hosed and we are in the process of replacing it with a new one. I have the original installation disc and and serial number. My license allows me to have this software installed on my home computer and the one in my cabinet shop. How do I go about deleting the installation on a computer that no longer will turn on?
  4. I have a series of productivity plugins that were written for Vectorworks 9.5.3. I would like to have them updated to work in Vectorworks 2013. These plugins provide some functionality that is not native to Vectorworks. These tools are very important to the workflow at my cabinet shop. I would also like to add some tools to this toolset. One of the more important tools toggle standard text from imperial math to millimeters. I can simply type an integer like "24" and convert it to "610" with a single mouse click. I can similarly rephrase 305mm as 12 inches with a single mouse click. I can also add and subtract integers. If I type the values 300 / 200 / 100 I can simply lasso them to create the sum 600mm then convert 600mm to 23 5/8". As you can imagine, this is really a handy tool when designing a kitchen. There are several other useful plug ins as well. With a single mouse click I can call a dialog box that allows me to create rectangles of specific X & Y dimension. This tool is sort of available natively except my plug in also lists the X & Y value inside the drawn rectangle. This way you can see a proportionally correct graphic but also see the specific dimensions of each axis. It also allow you to name the rectangle. I also have a plug in that allows you to lasso several objects and make them all as tall or wide as any specific object you click. There are about a dozen of these plugins that I would like to convert. I could dig in and learn the code syntax to do this myself but I already have a lot of similar projects to accomplish. If anybody can recommend someone to take care of this for me I would be most appreciative. If you know of anyone I can hire for this project please let me know. Thanks for reading this. T. Schultz
  5. Is there a way to automatically date-stamp a drawing upon printing? Better yet, upon saving?
  6. I have some 3rd party plug-ins that work very well in an earlier iteration of vectorworks. (VW9.5.21) I had them custom made for my cabinetshop. They do a variety of things: One, for example, converts millimeters to inches (and vice versa). Another one sums the total of any group of integers. Another one will resize any object to equal the width or height of another object. I would like to be able to carry these forward to VW 2011 but don't have the time to learn how to script this myself. Can anybody recommend someone to evaluate these plugins to see if they would be viable or could be modified to work with VW 2011? Would like to hire this done rather than do it myself.
  7. I am working with a Vectorworks 2011 evaluation copy. I am trying to decide whether or not to upgrade from a very old license (Version 9.5.21). The thing that has kept me in the old platform so long is some custom plugins I had written for me many years ago. These impart functionality that I do not think is native within Vectorworks. I use these tools to layout kitchen cabinets and cannot imagine doing without them. In the old software there is folder within the Vectorworks master folder that is called PLUGINS. All you had to do to make a custom plugin available was drop it into this folder. To them accessible you merely added them to a tool palette within the workspace editor. How are custom plugins managed under this new paradigm? What do I have to do to make them accessible to me on a worksheet? One plugin, for example, allows you to type a string of numeric text then sum them automatically. These are not auto-sized lines but rather just simple text like 6 & 4 &5 =15. You can additionally click on the result 15 and convert it to metric or vice versa. There are many more plug ins like this that I would hate to give up. Any suggestions?
  8. I have a custom cabinet shop. I have been developing a filemaker database to organize math associated with building cabinets. I would like to develop a library of cabinets in Vectorworks and have the associated math show up in Filemaker. Is there a way to extract this kind of information from a Vectorworks document?
  9. 1) ODBC 2) Folders in layers. I would like to be able to group different layers similar to the hierarchical way McIntosh stores files inside folders. 3) A keyboard command to rotate 45?. This would be like the rotate 90? command but would not require that I access a dialog box and enter a value. Thank you.
  10. Every business (mine included) spends too much money on initatives that are of little value to it's customers. I have a recommendation for figuring out which projects your software engineers should be working on. Nemetschek has a database of at least a couple of thousand users on this forum. Whoever is in charge of prioritizing future software engineering should start with a "focus group" made up of representatives from this forum. A simple mass mailing that gave each constituent an opportunity to rank order priorities would, I am sure, result in most of your budget being allocated to ODBC. Could we please consider such a forum? Thank you.
  11. Robert, Does Nemetschek anticipate adding support for ODBC any time soon? Thanks, Tim
  12. Can anybody explain anything about GDL programming? I have heard that it generates "rules based" parametric objects. I think this would allow you to introduce conditional statements into your objects. These objects might, for example, take on differing characteristics depending on how you toggle some other parameter. Can GDL operate outside the Archicad environment? Can GDL objects be used inside a vectorworks drawing? Would this provide a path to ODBC? I appreciate anyone's insight on this. Thank you.
  13. Is there any way to link (forward or backward) the data in a vectorworks worksheet with a filemaker database or MS Excel spreadsheet? I would like to be able to draw in vectorworks and customize reporting in a database platform.
  14. I am brand new to Vectorworks. I have been using a much simpler software for many years called ClarisDraw. This software is out of print now but it sure had some nifty features that ought to be available in something as sophisticated as Vectorworks. Alignment and distribution is MUCH simpler in this older software. These tools are driven with radio buttons on a tear off menu. You select your objects then just click to align or distribute. Vertical and horizontal directions are independently driven and do not become the default for your next alignment. This saves the step of having to deselect a vertical button if all you want is a horizontal change. This tearoff menu also provided you the ability to make several objects the same size or width. I have not seen this feature anywhere in Vectorworks. To be able to control relative position and dimension with one hand on a mouse is pretty cool.I would like to see this ability to VectorWorks. Did I mention tearoff menus?It was also very groovy to change color or fill pattern without having to go back to the toolbar at each change. So far I am very impressed with VectorWorks.I just wish it could so some of the things that have been available in other (simpler) software for many years. Thank you.
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