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  1. I also have a render/print problem but slighty different. I can render a drawing fully in Vectorworks but will omit them during printing (I also used export to jpg to show just what would come out if i'd gone straight to print as they concur). In a desperate attempt to get round the problem i tried adding components together to make one (i.e. i added spokes (which wouldn't print) to a hub which would.. and achieved success. This lead me to believe their must be some discrepancy between component attributes but i checked and found none... i even made parity of the colours. Thus i am left with a wheelchair which renders beautifully onscreen, but will not print my backrest or tyres!!! I am running VW 9.5.3 on dual 800 G4 with OS 10.2.6 and 768MHz RAM I desperately confused sole
  2. About 6 months ago i had a problem drawing a spring and Matthew Gianpapa posted me a spring.mcd file which solved my problem. I have however recently needed to reformat my hard drive and reinstall all software. As a result I am in dire need of the aforementioned file as i have several spring loaded components to draw.. Thank you
  3. I have recently had to reformat my hard-drive and re-install vectorworks. I am hoping you may be able to resend me the Vectorworks file for drawing a spring as i design quite a few things involving springs and consider it's immediate access either in vectorworks or as a web download a major oversight. Thank you Robert
  4. I have a fairly simple tubular image which i have on 3 different layers at differing scales and angles of 3D rotation.All 3 layers are set as overlays and all show when rendered in wireframe.If, however i try to render in Open GL, only the top layer is visable, and remains so, even when i am working and manipulating objects on another layer.I'm assuming i'm doing something fundamentally stupid, but i cant figure out what?? running VW's under OSX
  5. I've been waiting for a few weeks now for news of my new dongle ... is anyone else still sitting and twiddling their thumbs with me? I say this as i am hoping that by running in OSX my memory allocation problems will be self maintained, and i can get on with drawing...
  6. I cannot get VW to render in open gl consistantly!! Every time i render a drawing or components of one it makes up it's own mind whether i'm going to get a beautifully rendered image or just a blank page with a rhombus depicting the 3D plan. It matters not whether it is one component (class) of 15 or 14 of them, the possibility of a result is always up in the air. I have a dual 800 G4 with 256 MB ram I have the memory set at 200MB and the file is 2.2MB I am really lost as to how to get some consistant results and i have drawing deadlines pending
  7. I have read and re-read my manual and am still no closer to producing a spring in 3 dimensions. My resourse library has an engineering spring but it does not render in 3D. Having produce springs and spirals of various variety in AutoCAD, I cannot seem to find any means of producing the same here.!
  8. I can find no reference to a pitch value when creating a spiral or extruding a shape. Totally flumoxed by this spring issue.
  9. Thanks spring drawn and looking excellent. However i do need to draw another standard spring. I would believe this would involve creating a fixed diameter spiral which extends in the Z plane. drawing a circle the thickness of the springs wire in the XZ plane and extruding it along this spiral. I am, however, unable to achieve this.
  10. Apple suggested i reinstall Vectorworks which i did. I adjusted the memory to the suggested quantity but to no avail. (i did reboot after changes). this morning i started up and hey presto... the problem had miraculously disappeared in the night... Computers eh? where's my pen and paper?
  11. I have been trying to clip a concentric circle of 50mm radius from a surrounding octogon of 55 mm radius, but VW simply refuses to comply. any other size is fine...... offset the circle slightly and again its fine.. but under the above constraints... absolute refusal. I have had to resort to extruding the two shapes and subtracting the resulting cylinder. The result is the same, but is this problem confined to my machine??
  12. I've increased all the memory i can, including virtual and RAM but the message remains the same. I returned them to the original values and again the message remain the same asking me to increase memory by around 4MB to ensure stability when opening the file. It seems my memory changes have zero effect on Vectorworks. I shall ring Applecare tomorrow to see if they can offer me any explaination.
  13. I had already increased this size to 200000 Kb (so much so that i couldn't even check my email while VW is running, but i'm still asked to allocate MORE memory when opening some files.This file has a few ball bearing cases which in total contain about 150 bearings. Other than that there are only 8 other components none of which are complex or repetitive. If anyone knows how to get my uk dongle distributor to reply to my dongle request, I'd happily try to run in OSX instead.
  14. I am 1/2 way through redrawing an AutoCAD 2000i file as i was unhappy with the VW rendering of the original file. I am now however recieving pending lack of memory messages upon opening said file. Some minor investigation show's the file to be 22.5MB in size (which may or may not explain the slow rendering speed) where the 'entire' AutoCAD original was bearly 4MB and rendered almost as quickly on an ancient 90 MHz Dell pc with 48MB RAM. It concerns me greatly to be told to increase the partition size of a Dual 800 MHz, 256MB G4 (OSX but VW still under OS9) and i can only assume i am sucking memory up with something innocuous. As someone quite new to Mac's, my setup is still in 'Out the box' configuration so perhaps i need to take the bull by the preverbials and make some changes.... but to what? and what to?
  15. I am unable to find a way to extrude a spiral in order to create a wound clock spring in 3D.I have tried drawing two concentric spirals, joining their ends with lines and trying to create a surface that i can extrude, but with no success. I cannot concieve of an appropriate means to achieve this.


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