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  1. Hi Lars, I found that I had to go into the streadeck ap and redo all of the keys, i.s. if the hot key says "select" is control x, then I would have to retype control X in the hotkey assign. Hope this helps! Thom
  2. I figured out the solution! I tried opening up Notepad and hit the pan button and nothing happened, so I re-entered it and it worked (even though it already said "H"). That and of course re-tooling for Windows. For some reason, it didn't read the hot key assignments. Thanks all!! Thom
  3. Hi Sebaastian, Yes, I'm using your profile (THANK YOU!!) and on Windows. But even the keys mapped to a single shortcut aren't working (pressing the letter H, for instance, for Pan. That being said, some of the mappings need to be changed to Windows friendly - thank you for pointing that out to me! Thom
  4. Hi all, just decided to buy a stream deck and it's not triggering VW. Is there a setting in VW to allow the interface? Thom
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