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  1. Hello Guys, Is there a way to export circles and arcs to DWG-DXF without losing its geometric properties (I mean, not by transforming them into polygons)? I just discover that VW behave like that and I could not believed. Thanks
  2. Zoomer: As far as I know the rights of folders and files were fine. Tim: Thanks for the advice, I followed all the steps but they didn't work. I tried restoring the whole system from a previous BackUp but the problem persist. At the end the only solution that worked was to install a clean new system (very painful). Nevertheless I try to open VW from a new user and I had the same problem. This situation scares me because I have an upcoming trip And I need VW working on my laptop while abroad (I haven't noticed the issue on my desktop).
  3. Help Guys! Suddenly my VW 2013 start asking for the serial number. It is very weird, I even tried reinstalling. The code is accepted at the installation window (as usual), but then when I open the program starts asking for the code again. Any clues?
  4. Hello Guys Its been a while since I have been suffering this issue and until now I realize that each end cap wall has it own properties apart from the ones of the wall itself. Well at least now I know that I can fix it by changing the height of each end cap (although it is boring process). This problem not only happens if I move the z position of a wall but also if I change the height of an entire layer. It seems like the walls move but the end caps remains in place. I would like to understand why the end caps have a separated height preference from its wall? or why they have separated properties at all?. Does any one know its utility ? I guess the issue is a bug. Does anyone know if it has been solved on 2015?
  5. Thanks Jim I tried to export in different workspace options but it did not work, so I had to reinstall VW. Now the DWG export is working again. I have to say that the issue happened only in my laptop (as I was traveling I haven´t been able to try on my desktop) and both of my machines were upgraded to Yosemite with VW already installed.
  6. Hello Guys, this is me again I just noticed that I lost exporting and importing capabilities. VW crashes even while trying to export a blank document before the export window settings appears. I wonder if this is related to the Yosemite upgrade, but I think I had already exported some files after the update, I am not complete sure. Is anyone able to export dwg on VW 2013 with Yosemite?
  7. I support the petition. It will be very useful for components of complex geometries like this one. Is there currently a tool to achieve something like that?
  8. Uffffff!!!! the situation is even more complicated: When the class of the "virtual component" is off, the wall end caps produce a white mask in one of the side walls. It seems like is not going to work... How do you manage to have auto-join slabs when designing spaces with one or more open sides? Please help
  9. Nop, because I need that wall with almost all the height of the slab.
  10. Well, actually it is not working 100% Now I am missing the end cap line in plan view when I hide the component. It happens both if the wall caps attributes are set to wall line or component line. :crazy:
  11. Thanks a lot Vincent! Hiding it´s own class did the job. I prefer to use the clip tool only in interior walls.
  12. I did that already. The virtual component is not for the open side of the slab but for the other walls. I need the top component of the slab to cover the wall I am using as front cap for the open side of the slab. Those settings work great in plan and section views, but in 3d the whole walls appears as phantoms. I only need the virtual component of the wall to be invisible.
  13. I am wondering if it is possible to work with virtual wall components. I am trying to do that in order to create auto-bounded slabs in a way that allows to have an space complete open to the outside in one of it sides. The problem I have found is that when I create empty components (as if it were a virtual wall) the component only shows invisible if the overall wall attributes are set to none, but with that configuration the whole wall became invisible in 3d. Any ideas?
  14. Well for me the problem is that they have in fact two sides but they should have one (the virtual vertical plane). For instance; let's say there are two different auto-bonded slabs to four walls. Then we need a virtual wall between those two slabs, but the result is a gap of 0.0254 mm between them.


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