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  1. Hi DomC,

    I just thought it would be handy, but if there are problems with it, I won't use it.

    I suppose this means that using the 'set name' and 'name' nodes in the same network can go wrong in other uses too.


    Another case of the secret lives of nodes.. I wish there was a wiki where we could find these tips (or f.i. that 'move' doesn't work with groups, the use of 'get XYZ' with lists, ...). Maybe I'll start a topic to see if a wiki can be made.


    Thanks for the comment,

    Ernst van der Vecht.

  2. That is great, the whole network, but also the new nodes! I don't understand all of it yet, but here are some possible improvements:

    If the width of the 2D BBox > 400: the scale of the viewport could be 1:50 instead of 1:20, or have a varying scale depending on the width.

    There is an error in the description of the VP Layer Visibility node: sLinvis is described as grey instead of invisible (and I think it would be easier on the eye if the standplaenung-layer was grey in the overview viewport)

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