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  1. Thanks to all for the input. I know I should upgrade, but 12.5 was such a fine release- very stable with everything I need and very little I don't need. I am excited about getting a Mac, though. Windows seems to have lost it's way. Dave
  2. Call me a Luddite but I'm still using Version 12.5 on a PC. I'm sick of Windows and thinking of switching to a Mac. Is anyone out there running 12.5 on a current Mac? Otherwise, it's update time for me.
  3. Katie, thanks for the reply. What about the Open GL issue which is my favorite quick rendering mode in VW? I've heard Open GL isn't supported in Vista.
  4. Vista is now a reality for us PC people. I'm hearing rumblings that it's a disaster for CAD in general and OpenGL applications in particular. The word is that some CAD systems can run up to 50x slower under Vista. Has anyone tried VW on Windows Vista?
  5. In previous versions of VW, I could advance/tab through dialog box options with the arrow keys. This doesn't seem to work with VW12. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know of a workaround?
  6. To accurately move a symbol inserted within a wall, you must open the 'Position' tab in the Object info pallete. This is tedious and there is no preview of the action. Why can't the nudge commands move the symbol within the wall. They currently move the entire wall even when a particular syumbol is selected. Being an architect, I admit to being picky about arrow heads. VW's arrow heads are not sufficiently customizable and cannot produce an architect's standard chisel pointed arrow head. The limitation is that head line weights are the same as the leader line weight. A simple solution would be to add a new field in the arrow head dialog box allowing you to set the arow head line wight separately.
  7. David, Yes, now I see how it works. It still seems a bit counter-intuitive since you have to deselect the parameter you want to change. Maybe the documentation could be a bit clearer. Thanks for your help. ---------------- Dave M.
  8. When I change the Image Export resolution on my PC (Macs may be OK), the image size (in pixels or inches) in the Image Export dialogue box does not update automatically. The exported image has the correct resolution, but it has also been shrunken or enlarged correspondingly. For example, if I double the resolution (from 72 to 144), the resulting exported image is half the size of the original. Sometimes, I can get the correct results by manually changing the image size to correspond to the new resolution, but this doesn't always work. Sometimes, the image size in either inches or pixels will update automatically, but only if the corresponding radio button is deselected. Any suggestions?
  9. We recently upgraded from VW8 which printed tiles in order from top to bottom first and then left to right. VW12 prints left to right first and then top to bottom. This change is causing a problem with some of our template files. Is there a preference to set the tile order (like there is in Excel)?
  10. I'm upgrading to VW12 from a much older version (so old that I'm embarrased to say which), and many of the Windows shortcuts (underlined hot keys have changed. I believe these are (arbitrarily?) set be Windows and not by the workspace editor. Is there any way to customize them?
  11. Can I create an orbital movie where the sun doesn't rotate? I'm making movies of my architectural models. To get shadows on all 4 sides, I've had to use at least 2 light sources (at the corners facing in opposite directions). This creates duplicate shadows in many views. What I really want is to have my model rotate below a fixed sun. The shadows would sweep around the model, changing with each view, and all sides would be lit by a single sun source. Is there a way to do this with Renderworks?
  12. Whatever happened to Quickdraw 3D? It was a fabulous 3D model exporter/viewer and one of the best features of earlier Minicad versions. I'm aware that it has also disappeared from the Apple web-site.
  13. Dear jan15, Why does Vectorworks offer us the ability to use unlimited numbers of layers if we can't access them efficiently? Why does it matter what I use them for; the point is that they are there to be used. You're right, I am proposing that hyphens in layer names be used to dop that layer into a sub-menu. This provides an additional functionality- the ability to organize layers- which the program does not already offer. This would also further synchronize class and layer syntax which appears to be where NNA is headed.
  14. To open multiple view windows simultaneously, try saving several copies of your file with different names. They can all be open at the same time and set to different views.
  15. I can't quickly select a new layer in files with large numbers of layers. The Layer selection drop-down box in VW10 (and 9) uses a single column scroll box that scrolls at 10 layers/second. This sounds fast but when you have 100 or more layers, it is unacceptably slow. Please give us back the old drop-down which filled the screen with a multi-column list. Even better, how about adding the hyphenated naming functionality like Classes have. Then we could organize our Layer names and shorten our layer lists. Until this gets fixed, I'm stuck with VW8.
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