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  1. No, I am not a Facebook user and I prefer to avoid SSO functions across services. My login uses my email address.
  2. As attached: clicking the download link shows "Sending request to Facebook" in the bottom left. What gives?
  3. I'm attaching a file that contains only two resources but will be Educational watermarked. The resources were found in the Resource Browser: "Furn Table w Chairs Dining Sq 900x900mm" and "Furn Sofa 2-Seat 83in" 1. re: the sofa. Is it possible to change pencil colour on the wireframe render for an existing Symbol? We have tried various approaches and the lines are always white even though the rest of the drawing is black lines. 2. re: the table set. Is it possible to scale an existing symbol and retain its view information? Specifically the problems we're seeing appear to be caused by ungrouping, scaling, grouping, and creating symbol. Either the Top/Plan view is stuck at Top (all lines of table and chairs visible) or every other 3D view has the symbol stuck in Top/Plan (only the exposed lines visible) Hoping these explanations are clear. Thanks in advance for any help. gf Sofa and Dining Set.vwx
  4. Ah in fact it was me who was misunderstanding your original reply. Sure enough, this accomplishes what I need. Admittedly I would prefer not to have to click so many times or to have added classes to achieve this functionality but at least I am able to do it. Thanks so much for your help on the issue, Andy.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Andy. I was brief in my original post and neglected to mention that I'd like to show the screen either in or out, based on any particular show's needs. Turning off Frames etc. changes the trim height of the Roll Case so I'm left needing a workaround. I have some ideas and will hope that this feature is fully implemented in future.
  6. Hello all: I have a Video Screen object with a Roll-Down Case type Screen Support. When viewing in 3D I would like to show the roll-down case but not the screen itself, as though the screen were rolled up and stored. I don't see a way to accomplish this in the OIP or Video Screen Tool Preferences. Is this not a feature? Thank you gf EDIT: VW2018, Educational Version
  7. I can't find the source but I think I read somewhere that my educational license includes Spotlight. I don't have a Spotlight Preferences menu item under File > Document Settings. I am trying to get Data Exhange running between VW and Lightwright 5 (which, incidentally, is only the Demo version) and am having no success. Can anyone confirm I should have Spotlight and offer me any advice on gaining this functionality? TIA EDIT: Or: the school also has VW2010 educational licenses. If this is functionality that was then, but is no longer, available, then I would install the earlier version... Thanks again.
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