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  1. The behaviour I am used to in VW is that if I:


    make classes with a fill colour:




    Assign these classes to wall components:




    make sure that the "fill" of those wall components is set to "class style"




    Make sure the wall object is set to render "by component"




    And make sure that in the OpenGL options I tick "use colours"




    Then, my wall should look like this is OpenGL view:




    Doing all this in VW2022 produces a different result though - my wall just looks like this:




    I've created the two extrudes to show that assigning them to the relevant classes has the expected outcome- they are displayed with their red and green fills. But the wall isn't.


    Is this intended behaviour, an error on my part, or a bug?



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  2. Is there any possibility of making the Windoor plugin available in VW2021, at least for those of us who have paid for VW2022 (eg via service select) but might choose not to start using it for real until it has been proven reliable?

  3. 7 hours ago, Tom Klaber said:


    I think this might belong in the grand BIM debate rather than the 2022 - but personally I believe that type of detail should not be modeled.  That is a great 2D detail and any tool that contains enough settings to achieve that will be too cumbersome to use.  I am now (after I understand the tool a little better) excited that assemblies and there for renderings will be more accurate - but also still diagrammatic.  Let details be details. 

    There are certain aspects of those details that I'd agree shouldn't be expected to be created by an automatic wall-wrapping function - but there are others that I would say should be. It'll always be somewhat diagrammatic but the closer the diagram is to reality, the clearer the drawings and the less potential for them to be misunderstood.


    Vectorworks doors not showing door stops is a good example of a level of detail that really needs to be there at least at a diagrammatic level, but isn't.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Matt Panzer said:


    Only the related settings in the Plug-in Object Options can be part of the plug-in object style.  The other settings are more related to the wall structure and must be controlled at the wall or individual insert level.

    Thanks. I imagine it must be very complicated to work out the best way to control all these multiple variables and you have my sympathies/admiration if you were one of the people who has had to try and programme this!

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  5. My first challenge to this feature would be to see how accurately it could represent either of, for example, these quite conventional jamb details:




    The thing is that it's maybe a bit academic whilst the window tool itself remains so embarrassingly primitive. Maybe the Windoor tool will mean that we can start to draw stuff that looks even half convincing at say 1:50 scale?



  6. 4 minutes ago, Tom Klaber said:


    New stair tool is just the old stair tool with some control handles - seems to be better for sure -but still having to choose what stair I want before hand negates it.  I love the error "Stairs can only turn in the same direction, please make sure all stair turns are either all left or all right."  Paraphrase - but not the design freedom I was hoping for.


    Does it still create an object made out of a load of surfaces rather than solids? So still looks horrible in section and can't easily be converted to generic solids for customisation?

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  7. I'm not sure if 8 can be considered done without testing it for real (maybe you have).


    When the datasmith export to Twinmotion came out a while ago, it turned out that it had various bugs that made it unusable (for me at least). It's great now to have a direct link, as long as it actually works, and I'm not going to assume anything actually works until it's been tested out by users.

  8. 7 hours ago, hollister design Studio said:

    I think I've been here for about a year.

    I'm still continually frustrated about how opaque VW can be.


    It's so obviously coded be people who are not designers...


    ...but when I step back and look at the projects I've got on the boards, I have to admit, I've learned a lot more than I think I have.

    Even though I'm still holding my head in my hands wondering 'what the hell' (pretty much every day!), I've actually successfully created a quite a few very complex projects.


    There are really good folks on this forum that will go above and beyond to help.



    Hang in there!



    I've been using Vectorworks for nearly 20 years, and using it "properly" in 3d for maybe 3 years ... and all the above is true for me too.


    I try and tell myself that it would be the same using any other software ...

  9. On 6/1/2021 at 9:23 PM, Dave Donley said:

    Hello @line-weight might not be your issue but the bug where untextured parts of extrudes would fail to show in TM has been fixed for SP 4.  The too strong bumps issue is more extensive and is fixed for the next major version but not in SP4.  There have been several issues noticed about modifying and then updating objects in TM and we are still working with Epic on that investigation.  I have asked about texturing objects that come into TM untextured I will ask again.




    Hello @Dave Donley


    It's good to see that VW2022 has a direct link to Twinmotion, which will make it a lot more useful.


    Are you able to update us on whether the various bugs have been fixed in VW2022?

  10. Some quick experiments done on the same file in each version of VW. Mac mini M1 16GB like @zoomer also has.


    VW2021 // VW2022


    Open Vectorworks

    40 seconds // 18 seconds


    Update several viewports, mixture of hidden line & OpenGL/shaded:

    18 seconds // 13 seconds


    Open large file (1.17GB) into sheet layer view:

    22 seconds // 28 seconds


    Then go from sheet layer to openGL/shaded 3d view of design layers, by activating a saved view:

    10 seconds // 22 seconds:


    Update renderworks viewport

    2m31 // 1m50  (according to VW progress bar)

    2m50 // 2m13 (according to my stopwatch since pressing update button)


    NB some things there where VW2022 is faster, but also some where it's slower!


    Haven't tried it in 'real world' use at all yet so can't really comment on whether it "feels" faster or not.


  11. 4 hours ago, bcd said:

    I see someting similar on Windows.  By turning off Shader Options>Draw Edges the issue seems to resolve.


    Are you viewing in perspective, or orthogonal mode? It seems that it may be an issue when viewing in perspective (which is what I always use when in 3d) but not in orthogonal (which seems to be how a lot of people work but I don't get on with it).

  12. First test run of VW2022 immediately produces some major problems using "shaded" (previously OpenGL) view.


    These flickering patterns seem to appear on objects that are within a certain distance range of the viewpoint. I have reproduced it in two different files.


    Turning off "draw edges" in "shaded options" makes it go away.


    I was already experiencing this in VW2021 (see posts here) but it's even worse in VW2022.


    This is on an M1 mac mini.



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  13. 1 hour ago, MarcelP102 said:


    For anyone that can't or don't want to install VW2022, you can find the help file with the complete changelog here


    Thanks for this.


    The proof of the pudding will be in the eating... but looking at this list, it looks like one of the more promising updates of recent years.


    If all the things listed actually work, and if a whole load of new bugs aren't introduced, then I will be pleased.

  14. 34 minutes ago, Ramon PG said:


    Do you also have a background photo? I have a Google Earth pic as a RW texture attached to a floor object (to get reflected shadows from the 3D objects)

    No - no background photo. All the objects do have a renderworks texture, which I have visible in my OpenGL views. Turning off "use texture" doesn't get rid of the patterns but I see (checking just now) that turning off "draw edges" does get rid of them.


    Looks like you have "draw edges" on?

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