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  1. Mid 2014 MBP retina 15" running MACOS Sierra without any issues at all ... except VWX2014 Spotlight SP5 will not install. VWX 2014 Spotlight from the DVD installs and runs ok, but SP5 is a non-starter. Has anyone got round this in any way? I am resident in France and the French distributor in Paris is a disaster otherwise I would have up-graded beyond 2014 by now.
  2. Hi Kevin, Having just migrated to VW 2014 after 25 years using a different CAD solution, I have to say I'm a little distressed as to the non-usability of the reporting features in Spotlight 2014? Please can you be straight with me - is it just because of the link to LightWright? in that you don't see the need to offer export to other spreadsheet programmes? I want to get to the truth of this matter so I can make an informed choice as to where I go from here. I have to say, after ?3.5K for the software, the last thing i expected was to have to fork out another ?400 to JM for LightWright, just so VW Spotlight 2014 could be useful? Really? I have tried all the export/import features and they really don't work do they? Feeling a bit cheated right now!


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