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  1. This is good stuff from both perspectives. The fact that I have not yet invested in the Apple culture (away from my desk I am Android) has kept me leaning towards staying with Windows. My next step is to get a quote on a custom PC and compare that with a top end Mac. My decision matrix up to this point shows staying with Windows with a slight edge.
  2. Thanks for the insight, JW. Crashing (and considerable lag in screen regeneration) is killing me right now, so a life without that is very appealing. I've not had any virus issues to date, knock on wood. Grant, you really seem to be "all-in" for PC. What say you about crashing?
  3. This is an issue I have been battling with for a while. I usually create the site model with 3D polys traced over the original survey and have used the methods Benson suggested to nudge the model into position. I have been pestering a couple folks at VW to have this issue fixed and wish that would get stepped up in the priority list. It just seems to me that if I put a 3D poly in a certain spot that the generated model could keep that elevation in the same place as the source data. Just sayin'.
  4. JW, what would you say was the single most influencing factor in your move from PC to Mac?
  5. I am at the point where I need to make a major computing hardware upgrade (integrated graphics card on my current machine is really slowing down my productivity). I've always been a Windows/PC guy, but willing to consider Mac if there is a significant upside in speed and stability of VW compared to a well-configured Windows machine. I am a "firm of one", so I do all of my computing from one station, both from a cost and space standpoint, so I would need the one machine to do it all (Quickbooks, general computing, etc). Very interested in opinions from both camps!
  6. It would be great if I could scale the text in the view port without changing the scale of the leader line in plant component tags or call outs. The way it is now really limits my ability to keep text aligned or even arranged in a way that does not cross over viewed objects
  7. I am having a similar issue with VW14 with both small/simple and large/complex files. Slow to open and close the file, zooming, panning, switching layers off/on, switching between sheet and design layers. Just sent a small sample file off to support. This just started happening to me in the past week. No changes to my hardware.
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