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  1. People, I really am a greenhorn. So sorry. But... I've checked and rechecked my private email address and it's correct yet I am NOT getting notification when you have sent me an email. Also, I've added this topic to my watched topics (selected from topic options drop down) and it doesnt end up in my watched topics list (nor do I get notice when you post to this topic). So... I think... my only option is to visit this topic on a weekly basis. For those who sent me a private email with no response... I have responded (via this forum) today. Appreciate your patience. We still have 2 of these licenses available. Thanks
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you both for your responses. Very helpful indeed. I will 1. contact my original reseller and 2. sit tight. Have a great day. Ben
  3. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. As you can see we listed 5 (now 3) VW 2011 Licenses for sale. One was sold outside of this forum. We havent rec'vd any interest in our offer after 2 weeks. Is this because: 1. No one needs our product? 2. the price is too high? 3. there are too few users on this forum? 4. A combination of all of the above. Any suggestions about where/how we should/could move these? Any help would certainly be appreciated? Thanks!
  4. One other note to interested parties.... As you can see (other post) we've sold one and we just realized we do need to retain a license in order to access legacy files... so... we actually have only 3 licenses available. Thanks
  5. Thanks, Jim. One of the licenses is already sold and the purchaser has contacted Canadian agent to officially transfer.
  6. We've used VWX for over 10 years. However, when they did the major change from 2010 to 2011 it required us to redraw all of our 3d symbols (which we frequently reuse). This forced us to relook at our choice of 3d CAD software and we decided to move on to Inventor. We now have 5 licenses available for purchase at $800 ea. I called our local (Canada) agent who indicated that the cost to upgrade from 2011 Designer Renderworks including a VSS is $1875 (total). The new product is $3945. By my math you'll have a current full version for $2675 (instead of $3945). That's a healthy savings! Enjoy.
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