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  1. Brandon Wardell

    Line Light Rendering

    Sorry, I read your 10,000 as 1,000.
  2. Brandon Wardell

    Line Light Rendering

    Sometimes I have to pump my line lights up to an outrageous output for them to read. Stupid question, but your "lights" class is on in the sheet layer you're rendering in, right? When you reply you should get a box at the bottom of the window where you can drag files to upload them
  3. Brandon Wardell

    Instruments not attaching to/Following Hanging Position?

    I've been having the same problem lately, with instruments not recognizing the hanging position they're on top of. It's very frustrating.
  4. Brandon Wardell

    Limited Fixture # that can be rendered.

    The limit for OpenGL rendering is 8 lights. Use Fast Renderworks instead. "OpenGL renders up to eight lights in a drawing; additional ambient light, directional, point, or spot lights have no effect. Custom, area, and linear lights can be added."
  5. Brandon Wardell

    Creating a paper lantern glow... HELP!

    It really depends on what stage I'm at in the design process (presuming lighting design as opposed to scenic). If I'm in the initial phases I might use a glow texture, but I really prefer the ability to control light output from the Visualization Palette. The one place I almost always use glow is for a back-lit cyc, and even that's problematic. If there's room I'll fudge the distance and front light it.
  6. Brandon Wardell

    Creating a paper lantern glow... HELP!

    The option I mentioned also uses a render light, but this is a good summary. I personally find glow textures less helpful for renderings that utilize stage lighting.
  7. Brandon Wardell

    Creating a paper lantern glow... HELP!

    Try modifying one of the stock frosted glass textures. Here’s how that has worked for me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w88qbs4e88njasp/5 Astronaut.jpg?dl=0
  8. A button to toggle focus point visibility when not in wireframe view (like light objects). Would be so incredibly helpful.
  9. Brandon Wardell

    Global Lighting with All Fixtures Off

    Yeah there is that problem. I generally turn on "draw edges" when I'm rendering in OpenGL to help differentiate the faces. I've also found some success with adding a large single source with no falloff up and to the side of my drawing to emphasize facets. Good luck!
  10. Brandon Wardell

    Global Lighting with All Fixtures Off

    You should just be able to increase the ambient lighting to achieve what you're looking for. View>Lighting>Lighting Options
  11. I just replaced my light info record on an old file to update the instruments, and suddenly my Source Four 50° isn't an option in Find and Modify. Any way to rebuild that list?
  12. Brandon Wardell

    Rendering Gobos in VW2017

    Jim beat me to it. I was just about to say the same thing!
  13. Brandon Wardell

    Rendering Gobos in VW2017

    I'm still using 2016, which is less helpful (I'm a teacher, our lab has 2016) but I'll take a look if you export to 2016
  14. Brandon Wardell

    Rendering Gobos in VW2017

    This is not normal behavior. You're using Fast Renderworks?
  15. Brandon Wardell

    Shutters only render intermittently

    OK I'm working in 2016, shuttering lights to keep them off the scenery, and they only sometimes work. They'll render on the Design Layer but not on the Sheet Layer. It's sucked away hours of my time, and I really need to sort it out. I'm including somephotos of the same setup with shutters working and not working, also a screen shot of the shutters working on the design layer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Brandon Wardell

    3D Figure sources

    Where are people getting high quality human figure models from? I've been using Renderpeople models for the last little while, and while I like them, they tend to have a light side and a dark side--not terribly useful for lighting design.
  17. Brandon Wardell

    Erratic Rendering Errors

    I think it was in fact co-planar geometry. thanks guys
  18. Brandon Wardell

    Erratic Rendering Errors

    I've been working on rendering a show, and all has been going fine except for this one. Sometimes the floor shows up glossy white as intended, and sometimes I get these orange and red stripes. When the stripes appear I also lose all shutter information for my lights. I've tried restarting VW, restarting the computer, changing out the instrument, focusing at another point, all to no avail. It's completely unpredictable. Is there something I can reset? Some cache that can be purged? thanks EQL Plot 2016 render.pdf
  19. Why oh why do I have to zoom out and find the perspective view when activating a camera? Is there a way to lock them to the visible screen? This drives me absolutely nuts!
  20. Brandon Wardell

    Beam Angle 2 and Field Angle 2 not saving

    Did you migrate your plot template from an earlier version? You need to repopulate your plot with the default instruments provided with 2016. Really annoying.
  21. This would be so incredibly useful
  22. Brandon Wardell

    Draw Beam keyboard shortcut?

    MichaelK I couldn't open your file...
  23. Brandon Wardell

    Finding mystery named objects

    I've asked about this before, but I thought I'd ask in a slightly different way. I'm trying to rebuild a file I received from a major regional theatre with 3d positions, and have successfully renamed/removed all but one of the old lighting positions. No matter what I do, I can't create a "Cat 2A" because somewhere, hidden in this file, is another object with that name. Most likely I'm just missing something, is there a way to search for all named objects? I've attached the file in case someone else can crack this. thanks Magic_Play_Plot.vwx
  24. Brandon Wardell

    Finding mystery named objects

    Will do. Thanks for the help!
  25. Brandon Wardell

    Finding mystery named objects

    Nope. I've removed all locked cat positions. That may have ultimately been the problem, I'll keep an eye out for that in the future. Yet another example of how differently some people draft.


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