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  1. A button to toggle focus point visibility when not in wireframe view (like light objects). Would be so incredibly helpful.
  2. Yeah there is that problem. I generally turn on "draw edges" when I'm rendering in OpenGL to help differentiate the faces. I've also found some success with adding a large single source with no falloff up and to the side of my drawing to emphasize facets. Good luck!
  3. You should just be able to increase the ambient lighting to achieve what you're looking for. View>Lighting>Lighting Options
  4. I just replaced my light info record on an old file to update the instruments, and suddenly my Source Four 50° isn't an option in Find and Modify. Any way to rebuild that list?
  5. Jim beat me to it. I was just about to say the same thing!
  6. I'm still using 2016, which is less helpful (I'm a teacher, our lab has 2016) but I'll take a look if you export to 2016
  7. This is not normal behavior. You're using Fast Renderworks?
  8. OK I'm working in 2016, shuttering lights to keep them off the scenery, and they only sometimes work. They'll render on the Design Layer but not on the Sheet Layer. It's sucked away hours of my time, and I really need to sort it out. I'm including somephotos of the same setup with shutters working and not working, also a screen shot of the shutters working on the design layer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Where are people getting high quality human figure models from? I've been using Renderpeople models for the last little while, and while I like them, they tend to have a light side and a dark side--not terribly useful for lighting design.
  10. I think it was in fact co-planar geometry. thanks guys
  11. I've been working on rendering a show, and all has been going fine except for this one. Sometimes the floor shows up glossy white as intended, and sometimes I get these orange and red stripes. When the stripes appear I also lose all shutter information for my lights. I've tried restarting VW, restarting the computer, changing out the instrument, focusing at another point, all to no avail. It's completely unpredictable. Is there something I can reset? Some cache that can be purged? thanks EQL Plot 2016 render.pdf
  12. Why oh why do I have to zoom out and find the perspective view when activating a camera? Is there a way to lock them to the visible screen? This drives me absolutely nuts!
  13. Did you migrate your plot template from an earlier version? You need to repopulate your plot with the default instruments provided with 2016. Really annoying.
  14. MichaelK I couldn't open your file...
  15. Will do. Thanks for the help!