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  1. I ran the Reset All Plugins and Update and it hasn't helped and we are all running SP4, I mistyped. I have also: Purged the file – using the tool but also manually Made sure the most recent service pack is installed Converted the file back into a normal file by saving a copy out Copied all the model data from all layers/classes into a new file – the windows are perfectly fine Deleted all worksheets within the file (window schedules etc) – no change Checked that there is no glitched geometry far from the origin The origin is not really far away Deleted all window elements and then created a new window Tried the file on other computers for other users and with the same result The issue is still occuring. Any other ideas?
  2. We are having trouble in a project share file. Vectorworks crashes when you try to click into the settings or double click on any window within the model. This even happens to windows that have just been created. Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix this? We are currently working in VW2016 SP3
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