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  1. morning i have saved a pallete positions on my desktop....mac....how do i get this to work everytime on a new file or drawing i have looked in my workspace editor but just can't figure this out thanks
  2. there's some good videos on alpha channels on you tube.....of course, you may know how to do these already......but just in case......
  3. it does and thanks a bunch for taking the time to look at the file.....and giving me your insight into the question.......thank you one again
  4. i have also used the backlit option in the edit texture menu to brighten textures up a bit
  5. you may need a light in the scene
  6. thanks....this is my problem that i followed from alan earlier today....for the purpose of this question i have created a simple site model using for stakes and ticking to include site model data please see the 4 stakes with the levels and then the site model only one show up at 1500 in the bottom left-hand corner the other 3 don't appear on the file i have included the file.....this is really frustrating as i know its something quite simple that i am doing wrong simple test.vwx
  7. As I have said I Inputted the levels using the stake tool......and set the levels......what I would like to show on my plan are the actual stake positions and the levels but when I create the site model they disappear .....can't see to see a box to tick so I can see these items.......or am I missing a trick.....thanks any advice would be appreciated
  8. it's a daunting task when you first start using vectorworks.....i remember i came from old school marker visuals....rotoring pens...tracing paper and razor blades to scratch out mistakes and make changes.... looking at the interface for the first time....I think flying a 747 would be easier....but trust me when you get into and understand the fundamentals.....its great piece of software.....if i can do it...anyone can LOL !!!!!! remember easy jet and ryanair do some really cheap flights to the uk and i know there's training out there in the uk.....maybe costly in the short term....but in the long run it will pay dividends.....good luck my friend
  9. yes get some 1 to 1 training asap......have you got vss i think you get half a day free with them i had 3 full days...when i started many years ago.....well worth the cash.......why don't you ask them to pay for a course......if cash is a problem to them offer to pay them back in installments
  10. What are the advantages of creating a snapshot.....if any. Thanks
  11. As I have said I Inputted the levels using the stake tool......and set the levels......what I would like to show on my plan are the actual stake positions and the levels but when I create the site model they disappear .....can't see to see a box to tick so I can see these items.......or am I missing a trick.....thanks
  12. hi thanks Alan yes i have pressed the wrong button and created a snapshot......no idea what a snapshot does but have inputted all the data again to create a site model with the stake tool and not a 3d loci and this does allow me to do a solid subtract which is what i wanted to do
  13. new to site models but inputted some 3d loci to create a terrain of a field that i intend to build a flat timber deck onto.......onto the site model i have set a slab which i know needs to be 200mm above ground level on the top left hand corner which i have called datum 0 the lowest point of the fall of the land is 970mm so i have set a slab which is 1400mm deep and sent it above ground level by 200mm which will be my deck level..... what I would like to do is a solid subtraction of the site model and the slab so i don't see the slab below the site model as shown on the attachments.....please excuse my terminology ......but i hope you can grasp what i am trying to achieve....and advice would be appreciated ......thanks all TEST.vwx
  14. Thanks David......great advice
  15. Place your bet ......the best one yet.....great work sir
  16. Thanks so if I placed an entourage 3d tree could that be exported for print. Thanks alan
  17. morning I have been asked to build a model of an exhibition stand.....back in the days I used to do these with card and other materials....the old fashioned way!.....i was wondering if I build my model in vectorworks...it will have vehicles...trees furniture and other 3d entourage......can i export the file so i could have it 3d printed.....i have no experience in this field so any help or advice would be appreciated sorry one last thing the exhibit size will be modelled at 1:100 scale so this should fit on an A2 size paper......are their constraints on 3d printer outputs thanks all
  18. Yes......sometimes it's a calculated guess on dimensions.....not ideal but it can be done......
  19. hi just a quick question have you told your future employers that you have never designed in 3d !!!!!! or are you hoping to pick this up as you go......if you have told them see if they will put you on a 3day 1 to 1 course..this will not only be an advantage to you but your the company as you will start to earn them money a lot quicker than trying to pick this up looking at tutorials although i have to say the tutorials are very good...but nothing like sitting next to someone who knows the system one you know the basics the rest will come with time and sifting through the multitude of youtube videos and all the great guys who are on this forum a lot who go out there ways to help people like yourself like Kevin and Alan to name but a few i have watched the Sean O'Skea's tutorials and this guy has so much energy in the way he presents.... it's enjoyable to......
  20. Sorry reading your post again you may have had experience with other software and you may already be an experienced designer so please forgive me if I have misconstrued your request
  21. Hi I have been designing exhibitions for some 42 years if I can help or you get stuck just drop me a line and I'll do my best to help. Just remember your starting out in your new venture and as time goes on you will gain experience but don't be afraid to ask advice it's far better than struggling. Good luck. It's a great career
  22. yep your all correct this would not be a good solution.....
  23. I think i had this one a few months ago and i think i used the curved wall tool with a deform command curved wall.vwx
  24. So could a 12 month subscription for a licence be an option or not. Just a thought
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