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  1. thanks rob i thought i was doing something amiss.....how do i turn on a ghost image....thanks again
  2. i seem to be doing somthing wrong i went to the resource manager and did what you said i am in vw 2017 i have created a symbol but when i go to edit 2d component the symbol seems to disappear.......where am i going wrong thanks test.vwx
  3. thanks for that mark......
  4. I've been creating 3d symbols.....but in the plan view its shows all the geometry....the symbols i import from the vw library just show a white shape with an outline ....hope you get the gist of what i am trying to do....i think i need the check a setting but can't find out which one thanks all
  5. Thanks......looks like it’s a non starter then....I think the client needs to get the amendments done inside C4D...oh well never mind....thanks again
  6. I have been offered a job that’s been modelled and rendered in c4d I have v2017 can I bring the model in from a cd4 file I can see I can bring in the textures but will vw import the graphic files that have been placed as decals on the cd4 model......don’t want to turn the job down but will it mean re-modelling the job inside vw and applying the c4d textures from the file the client is sending over......any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  7. No you are left with your latest version.....but all the help and support services plus new library’s come redundant .....I stopped service select due to cost more than anything....although I have 2017. Choose to use 2016 find it more stable. HTH
  8. i have a file that i have exported a pdf successfully but last night i had to make some amendments and went for a new export to pdf only for it to hang and do nothing.....seems strange for this to happen....running 2016....this is where it gets to before it refuses to export......i am exporting from a viewport
  9. after many hours of practice it is worth the effort (I think it is)....well i hope you agree....been using Atlantis for some 25 years can't complain served me well....sort of semi-retired these days so a few more hours to learn and experiment....been saving a few lighting presets as symbols as I know these work on the renders and must say have really enjoyed the challenge.....and learning the render modes again can be frustrating....when you need to do a final render those 8 bounces really make a difference....so in future any work i get will be done in renderworks
  10. A couple of examples the overhead done in artlantis clip cube enabled and an interior of a ballroom rendered in renderworks
  11. Used Artlantis for 25 years with vw as my modeller. Advantages artlantis vast library of models which import into art easily and changing of material shaders quick and easy....real time updates of lighting and shaders.....good batch rendering.....brilliant 3D trees and cars......good price point and easier to learn rendering than render works disadvantages non that I can think of ......
  12. i have some 260 carpet textures in an external file that i would like to use in vectorworks for rendering, is there a way to import the 260 textures without having to create a texture in the resource browser....i can resize the texture once they are in the resource browser as i need......thanks
  13. thanks kevin how much is reasonable for the plug in and will it work with 2016 thanks for the feedback
  14. they are flat kevin see section of final render but these were with the image props
  15. hi kevin the screens are flat but on a curved wall....i have never used the tv tool i don't think it comes in my package
  16. sorry you have to add all the lines to create one....a solid addition
  17. it seems to work if you draw an arc and 4 single lines and then extrude the lines test.vwx
  18. that makes sense Tasmin......seems a long-winded way to map a decal but if that the only way so be it.....hope your weekends going well and thanks
  19. I have in my model 4 screens 60inch in a line on a curved wall and want to map an image over all of the screens...a stretched image, not the same image on each of each screen....i apply the image and then try and use the resize mapping tool to enlarge the image but it will not go outside the perimeter of the one screen....the way i have overcome this at the moment is to divide the image into 4 as separate files in photoshop and then made 4 image props to the size each of the 60inch screens.....is this the way things usually work in this situation or am i doing something wrong.....ps each screen face is the same class with the same material mapped thanks
  20. I think i read in a past thread it was something to do with the layers having the same scale value.....it happened to me when I had one scale at 1.50 and another layer at 1.20. I could only see the 1 layer hope this makes sense but I could have it all wrong HTH
  21. you can get some fantastic renders using renderworks.....but it needs real-time rendering to save hours and hours of time doing pre-renders...this is where artlantis comes into its own change a light see the result change a texture see the result instantly.... but i have to say some my best renders have been using renderworks but boy o boy you have to be patient and be prepared to spend many hours of testing and pre-rendering and have the machine powerful enough to implement the full range of renderworks features......great product just needs that real-time update to make it worth the while........
  22. sorry folks i had switched a class of containing the viewports......phew
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