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  1. Hi i would downgrade the operating program on your mac.......to el Capitan my 2017 runs fine on the system 10.11.6.....you could get a memory stick for very little on eBay with el Capitan ....i made the same mistake....HTH
  2. All I can think of is that you may have the class set to say 20% opacity on your class or have you a texture on your class set to a Fresnel option
  3. If it's not to far I use the nudge command for say short distances for as single wall that's adjoining another wall
  4. Should be loads of textures in the vectorworks library sade. There's a great video on you tube from vectorworks called rendering for success....you will find that there's a steep learning curb to get things looking really realistic.....i find the lighting the hardest.....i seem to have got this right after many hours of practice and many hours of test renders....i have kept this file as a template so I can tweak the look as appropriate......oh sorry the concrete have a look on Google for seamless concrete materials....again there's loads for free.....wall rendering settings on classes are really good you can apply different materials on both sides of the walls and even the middle.... Try and get to grips with making your own textures to..... Loads of info on you tube and the vectorworks site.....good luck
  5. Hans what settings did you finally use. ?
  6. Finally didn't know you could have 16 bounces turn it down to 8
  7. Hans try turning of sky interior you seem to be picking up some sky colours in your render
  8. Try the settings all on high and knock back the strength of the ambient occlusion
  9. As a 3d guy I would model this as a straight set of stairs and use the curve deform tool
  10. thanks again.....really useful and there are some great textures with the vectorworks libraries that i can use in other situations ....and i can always make a bump map in photoshop for the extraction cheers
  11. that works thanks...i was hoping it would have extracted the image with the bump map.....but i think that's wishful thinking....also i only think the extract works when the material has been made from an image source and not just a colour.....im looking for a nice textured white laminate that i had made from a colour and then given the image some noise.....not the end of the world thanks again
  12. i have created a texture in a vectorworks file and would like to use the texture in photoshop....is it possible to export the texture as a jpg or similar thanks
  13. really interesting it would be good for an in-depth video showing these benefits...although I guess in 2019 its so much easier to achieve the effect you need
  14. i thought that may be the case so if i create a viewport from a plan would it be better to just use wireframe thanks for the reply
  15. I am working in 2017 and create 2d/3d symbols but as I can't use them in a hidden line render (in plan view) to just show the outline of the symbol, I find it hard to think why they are useful except to keep the drawing clean on a layer plane.....or am I missing a trick thanks
  16. Sorry unless some part of the logo is in a font that you have then you could type the letters and convert text to polyline....ungroup and then extrude and resize the letters to the desired size......of course you may have to trace around the logo itself.....if you have the logo as an illustrator file in outlines you could export the logo as a dwg/dxf and then import into vectorworks. Hope this helps. Phil
  17. Best way is to import the logo as an image and trace around .......you can then extrude give it textures and for the cnc export as dwg/ dxf.....any problem let me have the logo and I’ll sort it out for you ......ps exhibition designer 46 years.
  18. probably a better way to do this......upgrade to v19 !!!!!!!!
  19. i think you may have to create a shape the same shape as the symbol but extrude it and then place it above the height of the symbol on a different class so you can turn it of when rendering the symbol in plan view in say final renderworks this seems to work a bit fiddly......
  20. one last question sorry rob....created a viewport in plan view using the 2d/3d/symbol and can't get to get a render with just the 2d outlines of the symbol in hidden line or final renderworks, is this something that cant be achieved.......thanks
  21. just a question when you have the hybrid symbol in plan view does it save on the screen refresh....or doesn't it make much difference thanks again and thanks mark
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