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  1. Could you download a trial version just to get you through this short term problem.
  2. sorry the symbol had a 2d component deleted it and it works in plan view phew i thought i was having a senior moment
  3. hi just created a symbol and it shows in an iso view but not a plan view checked to see if everything is classed and layers turned on help thanks
  4. On your layer go to page or print set up. I’m not in front of my screen the size of 20m should easily fit on a2 at 1:50 scale.
  5. I think you need to go to page set up. Not document set up.
  6. thanks wes.....found it......thanks
  7. anyone can help....inserting a ceiling grid no problem into a room....but can't seem to manipulate the tiles to start in a different origin in the video it looks easy thanks
  8. sorry i meant are the classes for the 2d elements turned on for that particular viewport
  9. are the classes turned on for that particular viewport .....
  10. what version of vw are you using.....i think in one of the posts 2d will not render in a viewport unless its in wireframe unless you have 2019 and above but i may be wrong
  11. You could make a custom palette.....there's a video that shows the process you could use that and change the colours as you like
  12. the reason i asked is that i think you could specify a colour in the fill class so that it applys to all of the elements within that class
  13. Are all the elements in the same class
  14. nice work grethe.......how the world of exhibitions in australia these days.....worked in your wonderful country many years ago for the british government in melbourne...hope business is booming
  15. been designing exhibition stands for 44 years.....i use vectorworks/renderworks......big package to get your head around.....but i used to use vectorworks and artlantis....a much easy render package to use......if you need any help or advice let me know and i can send some examples of work and renders so you can see how i approach the process......check out artlantis tutorials on youtube......butttt.....i now use vectorworks and render in renderworks once you can get the settings correct you can get some fantastic results.....of course if your in this for the long haul......get your head into cinema 4d......again superior renders to renderworks but some people may disagree !!!!!!......
  16. Try this video link https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=cmyk+seetings+in+vectorworks&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#kpvalbx=_0s1zXYC_D8KD8gKC-KqYDQ32
  17. Ok the setting is in the pen settings where you can adjust the background colour and the pen widths. There are colour palletes standard... Vectorworks colours and if you expand this area there are rgb and cmyk options....i am not in front of my computer so I hope this will at least point you in the right direction
  18. Had a think just copied from an old time machine backup that I found just needed to input the sn.
  19. lost my 2016 Vectorworks as i have had a hard drive failure and have had to have new HD....dont have a service select anymore and can't seem to find the link any help would be appreciated thanks
  20. i was hoping the decal would follow the shape of the deform of the pyramid i was hoping the decal would follow the shape of the taper but that may be asking too much..... maybe it just won't as its a piece of artwork.......but the curve will certainly be good to have..... wonder if there could be some distort handles that you could apply to the decal whilst on the shape as you can do in photoshop?
  21. just been testing a few things I use a lot of curved fascias as I am an exhibition designer and always have a problem applying a decal, to the right position when i use the attribute mapping tool it can distort the decal image....so I have applied the decal to a flat wall and then used the distort to tool to curve the wall and it seems to work fine......it keeps the decal at the same size as when applied..... I have tried it on other deform tools but only seems to work with the bend solid mode.......hope it would work on the deform shapes but it doesn't seem to deform the decal to the deformed shape......this is not a criticism just my findings ......maybe this should have been in the rendering section of the forum test.vwx
  22. Sometimes it's not a bad move to extract a surface it my be on the other side you may want another texture as the applied texture without the extract will Indeed show on the other side.....of the object which in itself is a pain..... But I used to use Artlantis and that has the same problem..... but does have an interactive display to rotate textures as you require..... Maybe vectorworks needs a separate module for the rendering side to allow ease of applying textures and decals..... Only a thought and not a criticism.....
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