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  1. hi, i wish a option to control "hide outside group" in the method bar and not only in the application options (right click, options, and and and). much faster and often needed in complex drawing situation 2d and much more in 3d. hope we can get this! cheers
  2. hi, thnx for help with the picture! see my screenshot: red = wall (join in the mid, right side to high, left side to low) gray = roof green = gablewall (fits perfect) thnx and cheers
  3. hi jim, thnx for the answer. i try to show you a screenshot of the the problem! ? can't find the option to upload my screenshot! can someone help me? my signature is now overhault!
  4. the dormer walls should be editable as normal walls and placing windows should work the same way as normal walls. windows should be placeable in front and side walls of the dormer.
  5. hi, creating dormers with vw is oldskool. its only possible to with a existing symbol. the roof of the dormer can only build with one single object. you can not define/assign created walls for the front and side walls of the dormer. please bring a dormer and a skylight tool. thnx and cheers
  6. hi, in vw you can only join walls to a roof (solid or layered) which are in the same direction of the gabel. crossed walls join only with the midpoint of the wall to the roof. this should be fixed. with vw we can create more points in a wall but only parallel, in the other direction it should also be possible to add points for the highest ans lowest height. thnx and cheers
  7. hi, i wish i would be possible to snap only the visible lines in a viewport (vp). if you have a rendered 3d model in a vp vectorworks find all edges, lines, ... behind the visible ones to snap on. often you snap wrong points. thnx and cheers
  8. hi, i would like to have a tool to hide lines in a rendered viewport (vp) on a layout layer and a tool to bring the hidden lines back to visual mode. much needed if you have a rendered vp with shadows. the polygon tool have such a feature in the edit mode. hope we can get some tool for vp too. thnx and cheers
  9. hi will, 1+ much needed feature. some viewports have thousands of snappingpoints. a admin could bring this topic to the wishlist area cheers
  10. hi, a good option to extend the autohybrid-sections: give us the abibility to make sections horizontal, not only vertical. the sections made with the autohybrid-tool are not the same like the "normal" section-tool. the section editing options differentiate. please combine the best from both an bring only one section-tool! greetings.
  11. hi, i wish to draw a parallel guide lines like in sketchup: 1. klick on a 2D or 3D line, curve, nurbscurve, rectangle, ... whatever 2. an move my mouse in a direction (up, down, left, right, ?) 3. enter my distance via keyboard 4. guide line is placed an parallel to the on 1. mentioned greetings
  12. hi vw-board, i'm a non native engl. speaker, i try to explain my wish as good as i can wish 1 the normal 2D curve tools produce always curves with controlpoints direct on the curve. for better organic drawings, rounder shapes lesser producing little edges or small knees its necessary that the controlpoints are not on the curve itself. i think we need a new 2d drawing method for this solution. a 2d b-spline. see attached picture wish 2 i often use sketchup and i like the feature "always visible control points" in vw the control points are only visible in the edit-mode. my 2nd wish is a tool to make the controlpoints alsways visible, best placed in this bar: greetings
  13. hi, my wishes for vw 2015 sketchup import - please import all sketchup geometry as solid geometry sketchup groups as grouped vw solids sketchup components as solid vw symbols lines, single surfaces as 3d polygons - sketchup layers as vw layers or classes (chooseable) - reference to sketchup file, so if changes made in the sketchup model, the possibility to update the geometry in vw thnx!
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