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  1. hi, the snapping points of a dimension can snapped by an other dimension. i think vw should change the priority of what can snapped. when you click the snapping point you can see which point of the object is referenced. for example: dimension a rectangle: the points you can snap: top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left, mid point if i dimension this rectangle, and click later on the referenced dimension points, vw should always show me the points from the object. sometimes there is a dimension point referenced and not an object point. dimension points should never snappable, or only with a low priority (if theres no geometry drawn close to the dimension point). this would be much much clearer for the user what is dimensioned. sometimes in a large projects i have lots of problems in this situation. dimension points which are not exactly drawn by my colleagues (a little bit away from the object), can be snapped by my new drawn dimensions. hope you understand my english gibberish (im not an native speaker) cheers
  2. hi, you only can convert one 2d object (rectangle, polygon, ...) at once to a nurbs surface, if you select more than one, vw 20150 shows an error hint. so my wish: multiple conversions to nurbs-surfaces of non-connected 2d-objects! cheers johnny
  3. and 7. snapping menus for mac! please! 8. fullscreen mode with menus for mac! please!
  4. hi, drawing dimensions on layout-layers are always 1:1, we only can dimension drawings within viewports on layout-layers if we enter an viewport via double-click on the viewport. is it possible to get smart dimensions (needed only on layout-layers)? dimensions they automatic (or via setup) know what scale the drawings have. cheers
  5. hi, i often have problems with dimensions and ledger lines/guides, they get overlapped so many times it draw new stuff. if we could have invisible sublayers for all regular layers we could solve such problems 1. layer (invisible sublayer in the layer-menu) for dimensions (always first layer, unchangeable by user) 2. layer (invisible sublayer in the layer-menu) for ledger lines/guides (always second layer, unchangeable by user) 3. layer (invisible sublayer in the layer-menu) for all overlapping the regular drawings (set by user, if needed) 4. layer (visible in the layer-menu) for regular drawings 5. layer (invisible sublayer in the layer-menu) for all under the regular drawings (set by user, if needed) so, we only have 2 options to define for our drawn stuff: 1 one up: to overlapping sublayer 2 nothing: (by default) the standard sublayer for regular drawings 3 one down: to underlaying sublayer dimensions and guides are always above 1, 2 and 3 if we couln't have custom sublayers, please fulfill only the "dimensions always front" wish! cheers
  6. hi, sometimes if have problems on layout-layers and viewports with dimensions in it, the dimensions from the constuction-layers are always visible in the viewports, because there is just only one automatic class for dimension-layers. why we can not set a custom dimension class for the dimension we want, in the dimension-styles/-settings. for example: dimension style with custom class: construction dimension dimenstion style with custom class: layout/viewport dimension now i can set my viewport: constrution dimension class off and layout dimension class on, and daw my dimensions with within the viewport with the layout dimension style. i know its possible to turn the automatic class assignment for dimension to off, but this is, i think, not right answer. another solution: draw your dimentions on a seperate layer and hide this layer in the viewport, but one more (unneeded) layer in the mostly very long layerlist. my (better) solution: class styles with custom dimension classes!!! what do you think!? cheers
  7. hi, apple brings "metal" to os x 10.11 this fall. https://developer.apple.com/metal/ apple say with metal the graphic performance would/could be better. is vw 2016 ready for metal, or is it planed to use it in a further update/upgrade?
  8. hi, it would be very usefull to setup a objekt with "always back" or "always front" command. if we move a objekt backwards it should be laying one layer over the "always back"-objekts. same with the "always front" objekts. new drawed objekt should be one layer below the "always front" objekts and same with moved to front objekts. maybe this could be done if the basic construciton- or layout-layers are out of the scratch separated in three under-layers. 1. always front (for overlaying objekt) 2. normal (for normal drawings) 3. always back (for underlaying objekts, for example: pictures, pdfs, ...) this technic could reduce the layer-count in the layer-menu cheers
  9. hi, we definately need a lot more options in the layer-menu. most files i work with, often have more than 30 layers. the count of the classes are often tripled. so in this situation the clarity is worse. 1. it would be very usefull if we could give our construction layers a color in the layermenu. with this option we have visually a lot more setups. for example: red color = old layers or overhauled layers green color = actual layers please same for layout-layers and classes 2. please give us a option to visually separate the construction-layers in the layer-menu. some offices make a clear layer with a dashed-line as name to visually separate their layers. we should have a option to have the same result but with no extra layer. please same for layout-layers and classes 3. please give us more fields in layer-menu: for example: - field for the scale of the layer (1:100, 1:200, ...) - field for the actual papersize (din a3, horizontal - some extra fields for our own notations (draft planing, construction documentation, ...) please same for layout-layers and classes 4. please give us the option to link layers, so that if we move one of them the linked-layer is also moving. 5. please give us a separate windows for the classes and layout-layers. so that we can show layer-menu and class-menu side by side. this would save some lifes from many many pc-mouses. the combined window (as it is now) should be maintained 6. maybe a option for a visuall-hierarchie setup could be usefull in the menu. thnx and cheers!
  10. hi, i think it would be usefull (and more wysiwyg like) if you could make a class from a existing objekt (line, rectangle, ... whatever). the class should take the visual settings from this objekt. greetz
  11. if i convert my vertical 3d polygon to a nurbs curve, vw can place a 3d point on the connection via nurbs analysis tool. hooray i have my projected 3d point on my surface. but i have forgotten the numbers of steps between theory and practice in vw. with my problem. i recomment a much needed overhaul!
  12. if i draw a vertical 3d polygon from a 3d point through a nurbs surface, i can't snap the connecting point. this snaping option should also be added to the wishlist.
  13. hi jim, yes yes and more yes. hope nemetschek buy the rhino company and include all rhino stuff into vw. but not only lines should be projectable, 3d points want to join too!
  14. pushing lines into surfaces via the push/pull tool is a more userfriendly 3d editing method i think. like the "sketchup" way of work. (wysiwyg). i think vw is to hard to understand in editing 3d at the moment. there are differences between point solid, 3d polygon solid, nurbs solid ... in editing and handling. i think the user doesn't want to know or learn all the differences. just play with the functions and see the results. vw should offer only two different geometry 2d and 3d. 3d are always solids, if you want to edit/move an edge, point, surface or whatever of a 3d solid: click an drag move it. i dont want to change a 3d polygon solid to a point solid if i want to move a point with all the connected edges. sketchup offers a realy good way of understanding 3d geometry. you need min. 3 lines to get a surface (or 2 curves) min 6 surfaces are needed to create a dice. if i want to move a endpoint or connected line, i only need one simple tool: the move tool. with the move tool i can also copy the geometry. but sketchup has on big minus: no nurbs! only polygons are available. no real circles or organic shapes. here vw could come in place. if they erase the the complicated stuff an design a simple and good way of modeling 3d. vw. could come the best modeling software.
  15. hi jim, thnx. yes i know the tool but this tool doesn't project 3d points. i only want to project a nurbs curve or a 3d point to a surface without add, split or trim. if this option doesn't exist, please add this to the wishlist.
  16. hi, is it possible to project a 3d point and/or a line (3d polygon or nurbs curve) onto a surface? thnx for help cheers johnny
  17. hi vw should offer more visual editing tools like push/pull, rotate- and mirror-tool. for example: chamfer-tool: click first line click the second line the chamfer should be visible but not set move the mouse in the direction of the chamfer a editing box close to the mouse should get visible set the chamfer (if wished via mouse or via keyboard)
  18. hi, i wish the 3d rounding tool could round with more than one user specified radius. rhino 3d offers such an option. the user should set the positions of the radi points relative from the start point and than set the radius of each point itself. thnx
  19. i wish i could select more than one surface to push/pull at the same time. if the multiple surfaces meet each other a automatic boole operation (add) should be executed.
  20. hi jim, thnx for the answer. attached the original sketchup file. inside: only one simple solid and one simple surface both with holes. i can export iges data from sketchup via plugin (but the plugin often crashes sketchup or vw crashes by importing this iges file) but if imported i have perfect vw solids as i expected via the native sketchup import in vw. thnx
  21. hi, thnx for the new and better possibilities in vw 2015 to import sketchup files. but some improvements are necessary: 1. the new sketchup 2015 isn't supported yet. vw 2015 can only import data up to sketchup version 2014. 2. imported surfaces/solids with holes aren't right calculated from the vw 2015 importer (see attatched screenshot) 3. please add the option to generate real vw solids from all the sketchup groups/components. actual the imported "solids" are only a bunch of grouped 3d polygons. 4. please add the option to import sketchup cameras as vw cameras thnx & cheers johnny
  22. hi there, following my first ideas for an upcoming new version of vectorworks: (sorry i'm a non native english speaker) 1. option to setup transparency separately for fillings (solids) an lines of an objects (in vw 2015 transparency can only be managed for the whole object) 2. autohybrid 2.1 hidden lines below the cut-height should be controlable via a separate height (depth limit), in vw 2015 the all hidden lines are shown below the cut-line. 2.2 maybe a picto who show the total height of the autohybrid object with all visible lines (cut-line, depth limit of the lines above an below with their depth and the layerheight and/or storeyheight), so you have a visible control over the settings. 2.3 a preview button 2.4 option for cut-height relative to object 2.5 more cut-heights per autohybrid objects, with all the settings per cut-height and option to generate viewports of the cut-heights. 3. cutbox the possibility to generate a cut of an object in horizontal direction (vw 2015 allows only vertical cuts) 4. visibilty/gui the option to show all endpoints of all objects permanently. so you have a better visible control over the geometry. 4.1 the option to show lines in the colors of the axis, if they are in the same direction as the axis (red, green, blue) 4.2 all minus axis should shown as dashed lines 4.3 a option like the autocad-dice, who show where im looking at (front, rear, left, right, from above, from below, ...) 5. the option to generate nurbs-surfaces with more than two paths 6. push/pull tool 6.1 option to activate and push/pull more than on surface at once. 6.2 the push- or pull-directions should always the plus-direction of the input-field. 7. visible surfaces of cuts in the 3d space like sketchup dit it. 8. the option to set the different mouse buttons to all tools i want in the setup 9. the option to snap only the visible points in viewports (in x-ray mod snap to all points) 10 the option to show more than one workings-windows of one scene like cinema 4d offers. maybe four windows at once front view left or right view, view from above, perspective each window must separately controllable.
  23. hi kevin, you are right! thnx! ? missed that before. thread can be closed!
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