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  1. Hi there - Three problems so far with 2022. Help appreciated!: 1. I find that the keyboard commands for the snap functions no longer work, and I can't find anywhere to turn that on. 2. The Q snap doesn't stick very effectively to the midpoints unless I zoom way in. It keeps jumping onto the corners and ignoring the midpoints. 3. Periodically (and I have not been able to pin down what triggers this) the Q snap spontaneously turns on any time I use certain tools. For example, for a while, if I used the rectangle tool and then a line tool, the line tool would start snapping to things, even though it had been turned off previously. I could turn it off, then go back to the line tool and it would be turned on again. Also - not about the app but about this website - I tried to start this topic using Firefox, which is my customary browser, and it kept hanging up. Would prefer to be able to use Firefox. Thanks! Kate
  2. L.A. Architect and Interior Designer looking for freelance drafting help on a per-project basis to start a.s.a.p. Typically, we will have a model started and will want someone to translate it into 2D drawings to produce DD set and then CD's. Projects are mostly residential but may include some commercial work. Product to be provided in native VW and pdf forms. Quality of finished drawings is paramount. Examples will be provided. Minimum qualifications: • Able to work in the U.S. • Reliable. • Efficient. • Careful attention to detail. • Demonstrable experience with VW and with Type V construction. • Competent in Microsoft Office suite and Photoshop. • Must have strong command of English spelling and grammar. • Solid references. If interested, please reply here. Thanks very much!
  3. Thanks, Pat! kate@heredesignandarchitecture.com
  4. Does anyone else have the problem that the fill patterns are so small-scaled that they are indistinguishable when you put them in the drawing? For example, I have an area with grey fill and an area with diagonal hatching and they look identical on screen except that one is darker - see the attached screenshot. I first noticed it many months ago but it's really starting to be a drag. Thanks!
  5. Or at least give us the option of using it the old way. The new line type tool requires too many steps to get where you are going, the window with all of the line types is graphically way too busy and confusing, with a million letters and no easy way to compare the lines themselves. Really, I think the later version of this is far far inferior to the old one. It's making my life hell. Thanks for listening!
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