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  1. I have also used both & much prefer the PC. One thing to be aware of if you choose MAC - more drivers are available for Windows if you don't have the most recent printers & other peripherals. Also, printing fast CAD (non-postscript) is not possible on the MAC which really slows down check prints. I think from what I've read that something like MAC Plot can get around this, but it's not cheap. Printing from the PC is fast & easy except that the RIP software provided by HP is not yet available for XP (HP plotters work fine from XP in non-postscript mode). Also, more keyboard shortcuts on PC (VW allows all on MAC, but os commands are limited on MAC), and you can pick any printer on the fly & save those settings per document instead of always going to the chooser or desktop printers if you print to more than one printer on a regular basis. VW 9.5.1 seems more stable on both than previous versions, but I also do mostly 2D at the moment.
  2. You can also copy and paste from your Excel spreadsheet into VW worksheet. The trick is, your have to select the exact number of rows and columns in the VW worksheet that you copied from Excel, or you can select only the upper, left cell in the VW worksheet & then ctl-v to paste.
  3. This is the first time I have had this problem. I have a file, the base of which was imported from dxf or dwg from engineers. They use way more symbols than we do and have a huge section of symbols Proxy_1234, Proxy_1235, etc. About the last half of these symbols as well as any that would come after them alphabetically do not show up in the Resources Pallette. I can find them in the object browser, but cannot rename them and have to find an instance in the drawing in order to edit. I was using 9.5, just upgraded to 9.51 in case this was fixed in that version, but getting the same results. Using WinXP Pro.
  4. I would be very interested in how you accomplished this hatch. When I tried, it looked fine for a tiny area, but on a larger field it became skewed. I have a terrible time creating and adjusting hatches. I really do not understand the terminology of the hatch patterns. If you are willing to share the settings for your hatch, I would be greatful. I currently use a huge field of herringbone pattern that I created with duplicate arrays & cut the shape I need. Thanks.
  5. My husband and I were talking about this just the other day. Same problem. I think he runs on Windows2000 & I have XP Professional. Both of us have VW9.5.
  6. VYA

    Clip Tool

    I am surprised not to see any other posts on this & think maybe I have some setting wrong, then. When I clip polylines in any of the 3 modes of the clip tool, I get extra lines crossing the new endpoints. We have this experience on VW 9.01 on Mac as well as 9.5 on XP Professional. For instance, if I want to cut an area of a survey to project limits, the contours that have been cut end up looking like polygons instead of polylines. We end up having to mask the area we don't want instead, which makes the files way bigger than we need and causes some other difficulties. Are we doing something wrong?
  7. VYA

    Clip Tool

    I have not even seen an option for closed on polylines, only polygons. Where do I look for that? Anyway, I'm guessing they would not be closed since they are contours. Most of the time we are just importing this info from surveyors who use Autocad, but we have the same problem if we want to cut a little piece from the proposed grading we create (landscape architecture firm).
  8. Well, this is an old topic, but I feel like it's one worth revisiting. I agree with the suggestion to have a preference to set about where groups get classed. I frequently need to work with only one class visible and every time I group, the group disappears. It would be great to allow it to class to the active class or the none class, based on a preference setting. My co-worker and I end up doing a lot of extra keystrokes because of this.
  9. When I choose File/Export/Export Image File nothing happens. I have set View/Projection/Perspective and adjusted the handles to frame the section I want exported, but the menu choice just goes away without any further options or any noticeable hard disk action, etc. I am using 9.5 and Windows XP Professional.
  10. Worked like a charm. Thank you so much.
  11. VYA

    exiting text

    Sorry! Egg on my face. Apparently I had downloaded the 9.5 update, but not installed it. The escape key is now working just fine for text. (Recently switched from Mac to PC & haven't gotten all my updates, etc organized yet). I am still having problems with exporting to image, however, posted earlier today to general discussion.
  12. VYA

    exiting text

    When I hit escape, all I can see is the handles of the text box. It doesn't matter how long I wait. The only thing I have found that makes the text appear is to move it (shift+one of the arrows is what I typically use).
  13. VYA

    exiting text

    When I use the escape key for this, my text disappears until I move the text block either by going to the palette & choosing the 2D select (which defeats the purpose of using the keyboard to get out), or by nudging. I am using XP and VW 9.5.
  14. Finally had a chance to look at those sites. Great to have that info. Thanks.


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