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  1. tdcam

    Error loading Vision Library

    @Jim Wilson I have the same error in VW2019
  2. tdcam

    Cabinet library

    I think you can just copy and paste or open your vectorworks file directly into the interior cad workspace
  3. tdcam

    Cabinet library

    Hi I would think so interior cad runs within vectorworks . I have an email into them to see if they have a demo for 2019. i haven’t worked with it a lot
  4. tdcam

    Cabinet library

    https://en.extragroup.de/interior-xs/kitchen-design/ vectorworks 2019 integrates their cabinet maker
  5. tdcam

    Cabinet library

    Have you looked at the interiorcad plug in?
  6. tdcam

    Best Imac pro setup?

    This takes about 3 hours on my i9 custom built with a vega 64
  7. tdcam

    eGPU and Vectorworks Testing

    Jim, Hi are these MacBook tests with a 2018 Macbook? It would make sense to me that the Mac mini tests work best with the output running from egpu to the monitor rather than trying to reroute the output through the Mac mini to the external monitor . Thanks!


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