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  1. am reading this thread with interest as i too am becoming increasingly frustrated with having to wait for VW to catch up and listening to other staff in the office complain about VW10 being slower. Changing from the cross to the oblique is particularly frustrating. Was VW10 tested for use in a commercial architectural practice where speed is a major factor in 2d drafting?. Whilst i do not disagree that more complex functions may be faster than previous versions why does this appear to be at the expense of basic drafting. I would imagine that the vast majority of users rely on a CAD system from which to earn a living and the most important factor in this is speed. A competent CAD operator needs the CAD programme to keep up with them not have to wait for it to catch up. Nemetschek - WE do not have the time to test various combinations of OS and VW versions we rely on you to do that for us. We also rely on you to provide new releases that are better than previous. An upgrade, after all, means just that. Sorry for the negative comment but VW before 10 was great, now, well!!!!
  2. rich carroll the 'problem' we are encountering when printing postscript is that patterns print as colour blocks, which is great when producing colour presentation drawings. for this sort of plot we use the postscript. however, when plotting working drawings we don't really want the colour information, more what you see on screen when patterns are used, which is what happens using Macplot. sounds pedantic i know, but if you know a way around this please let me know it would be most appreciated, as there is no OS10 macplot yet. Ian White AFM Architects (UK)
  3. for reasons that i won't go in to we have had to upgrade 1 computer on a 25 station network to OS 10. the problem is how do we plot to the 800PS when all the other computers (OS9.0/9.2) are using Macplot raster (Ultra Graphicpak v 5.1.2) over the network. we can use the OS10 driver for the 800PS but this turns it in to a postscript which produces undesired results. has anyone had similar problems and any advice on the solution. Ian White
  4. VW elements are imported as spline objects which are editable by moving points, however the point is that there is a 'live' update from VW to C4D with the plug-in. when you assign materials/shaders in C4D to VW objects, you can then edit the objects in VW and the plug-in automatically updates the VW objects in C4D keeping their materials/shaders etc as you assigned them. before the plug-in (DXF import to C4D) you had to reassign everything each time you edited the model in VW. not sure what you mean by making parts non-dynamic, could you explain this for me.
  5. Katie last one on this subject. with help from yourself and tech guy at VW UK distibutors, it has eventually been narrowed down to a faulty dongle which is in the post to be replaced. thanks for help. Ian
  6. Katie Have upgraded OS have upgraded HASP drivers and guess what, it still gives me the dongle error. dongle light is on and it shows up in System Profiler so the computer knows its there. have i got a duff copy of VW disk/dongle? as having problems in one OS is kind of acceptable but two, surely not. ian
  7. Katie have decided to jump in and upgrade to OSX to see if that solves the problem. trouble is now that i have installed OSX i get an error message stating that i don't have my VW10 dongle attached, even though it is. the drivers have been installed and the red light is on. any suggestions Ian
  8. Katie have tried today running OS with base extensions - problem is still there though less frequent. i too have plently of RAM allocated to VW so it shouldn't be a memory issue?? my crashing happens on files that don't have any symbols just as frequently as those that do. as mentioned before G3 with OS 9.2.2 at home doesn't have this problem and i do a lot of 3d modelling, the problem with the Dual G4 happens when 2d drafting. as also mentioned VW 8.5.2 copes with it all on the G4. are there any tests i could try to narrow the problem down a bit. Ian oh, how i long for a drawing board and a pencil sharpener!!!
  9. Katie Firstly sorry for delay as am in UK. As previously stated it is pretty random and can be doing the most simple of tasks, panning for example. Am using straight VW10, no extras. File size doesn't have any bearing on the situation. Am running the same copy (don't tell) of VW10 at home to do 3d modelling in spare time. I have no problem with it there. Use blue & white G3 at home and it hasn't crashed once, same OS. At work I use computer as described before, over a network and continual crashing as described. It?s beyond me. Would upgrading to OSX be an option, we've been avoiding it so far as upgrading all our apps would cost a few pounds, so we feel that sticking with OS9 is fiscally preferable. I would have thought that VW10 didn't force you to upgrade OS as well! OR is it hardware!!! ian Ian
  10. plug-in cost approx ?10 incl postage and packaging. i also couldn't find it on the web but knew it existed, so a phone call may be the only answer.
  11. Bought plug-in from Maxon Computers UK dealership, see maxon web site for address/telephone. Plug-in is called 'Vectorworks Exchange for Cinema 4D' and contains export plug-ins for VW 9/10 and import plug-ins for C4D R7/R8. I use XL8 so i don't know if it works for GO version, check with Maxon. It works in a similar way to the Artlantis export plug-in. glad to be of help.
  12. hi, thanks for the interest. VW just freezes, mouse still works, no error messages and have to force quit but every now and then have to restart the whole computer. have no other apps running in the background except the launcher. there is no specific operation that seems to cause the problem and no specific drawing file just happens with alarming frequency. have rebuilt desktop, reinstalled OS, reinstalled VW even from other disks using different dongles. can't see that it's hardware as computer is 2 months old and every other app i use runs fine - photoshop, quark, office, cinema 4d. VW 8.5.2 works on the same computer without any problems. sorry i can't be more specific but any ideas you have would be appreciated,
  13. am using VW10 on OS 9.2.2 on a G4 dual 1Gig with 1.25gb RAM. i am experiancing continual crashing even doing the most simple of tasks (scrolling/cut and paste/drawing lines), there appears to be no pattern to it, VW just freezes. this is happening, literally, every 2/3 minutes and am having to save even more frequently just to get things done. working for a busy architectural practice it is getting to be a pain as am not getting anything done. other (older) macs in the office running OS 9.0 or 9.1 don't seem to have the same problems. any suggestions anyone (tech support???) as am about to throw it all in the bin.
  14. have recently purchased the VW plug-in and am pleased with results so far. it makes life so much easier (and quicker) than having to deal with dxf files.
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