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  1. Superb! Great thinking outside the box. This approach semas to be working. Thank you! Greg
  2. Hello, Perhaps this post should be in a the 'General' forum, apologies if so. I'm creating electrical and plumbing plans for a kitchen. I have an electrical layer (coloured red) and a plumbing layer(coloured blue). I also have a furniture layer with all my kitchen cabinets on. I have created a section viewport with these three classes visible in a hidden line render. The problem I have is that all my electrical and plumbing 'objects' (I'm actually creating 3d representations of sockets etc) cannot be seen through the cabinets which are hidden line. If I have a socket box on the wall behind a kitchen cupboard, the socket is visible in a plan viewport (which is wireframe) but not in my hidden line elevation section viewports. Is there any way to select a layer or class and make it visible through ALL objects, even if it's a hidden line render? I've played around with the 'opacity' settings in layer details, but this does not work in section viewports. Thanks Greg
  3. Elite, you are correct in pointing out that the shaders do tend to 'wash out' renders rather than making them lighter. They come more 'creamy' than they should. G
  4. Hi JimW I'm still getting these issues. However, I'm restarting my computer whenever this happens and sometimes it solves the problem. But I'm not convinced it's the act of restarting the computer that's fixing it. I can go for hours exporting artistic renders with no problems, then all of a sudden, I will have hours of white and black screens. I cant seam to find a pattern. But I'm starting to come to terms with it, a bit like getting used to having permanent cold, I just need to buy more tissues. G
  5. Hello, Thanks for your response. I export from viewports on sheet layers and saved views, this is where the problem is happening. I currently don't export directly from from the design layer, so I will have to give it a test. The frustrating thing is, after 30 exports, vectorworks is now exporting correctly, without any tweeks or alterations from me. So I'm back to 1/3 being a white or black render. I will do further tests are you suggest using wireframe etc and I will post the results on here. Greg
  6. Hello all, I've consistently have problems exporting renders. If I export an image (300 dpi, .png), 30% of the time I either get blank white or black image. This problem has come to a head today as I get a white render on every export I do. It is not render style specific and the resultant image file is only 163 KB. I've exported 22 Images today and every one has just been a white image. I've reloaded vectorworks, switched off my computer and restarted it, I've even started drawing in a new document. Same problem. Can anyone help? Anybody having this problem and have a solution to overcome it? Thanks in advance Greg
  7. Hi all, using backlit as Monadoc suggested works quite well Thanks
  8. Hello all, Thanks for all your responses so far. The problem with exporting the image to photoshop to alter its colour is that I am working with interiors where a texture's colour and how it fits with the colours around it is absolutely crucial. If I have to export it to change it's colour, it's a big guess. I could spend all day trying to get it right. I am amazed Vectorworks is missing such a simple aspect of texture control, given the huge scope we have with reflectivity, bump and so on. I will, however, try using 'Backlit' as Monadoc has suggested. I will let you know how I get on. Ta Greg
  9. Thanks for your response. 1. VW13 and yes, I do have renderworks 2. I only use interior fast and interior final as all my work is interiors. 3. My light sources are only spotlights and ambient light to raise the room light level. Greg
  10. Hello all, Perhaps you can help... I've created a texture for a floor tile. I've used an image to create a this texture. However, this image (as many it seams) appear too dark. I can make the texture darker using a 'filter colour' in 'edit image colour'. I cannot however find a way of making the image lighter. Does anybody ever come up against this problem? Thanks in advance Greg


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