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    Change "Delete" key


    Change "Delete" key

    I'd like to use 'E' for delete/erase but I can't find any way to modify the keycut for delete. Any ideas?
  3. A have a large file with multiple sheet layers. I'd like to extract just one of the sheet layers plus the viewports and associated contents from this file. Is there a straight forward way to do this? I figured I could go one of three ways but none seem to work too well: 1. Create a new file and then import the sheet layer from the larger file. This doesn't work because you can't import the viewport design layer contents along with the sheet layer. 2. Save a copy of the larger file and then purge - none of the purge options or combinations of options really do the trick without manually going in and erasing unwanted content. 3. Manually delete all of the unneeded sheet layers, and any design layers and classes that aren't turned on in the various viewports. This process takes too long and usually leads to deleting items unintentionally. Does anyone have experience with this or know any tricks that could help? Thanks, J
  4. I have a 2D symbol that has text. I'd like the symbol to rotate without the text rotating. Is there a way to do this without having to create a PIO?


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