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  1. Interesting...for reference, here is my experience. When VW2017 was released, I installed it on my mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro 15" with El Capitan. I was (and still am) running VW2016 and VW2017. Installed macOS Sierra on release day. Both VW2016 and VW2017 ran the same on Sierra as they did on El Capitan as far as I could tell. I was keeping a running bug list for VW2017 BEFORE I installed Sierra. Bugs that I found, where a direct comparison could be made to VW2016, did not change in Sierra. In other words, bugs/non-expected behavior in VW2017 did not change when I updated to Sierra, they were there before. Further, the same files in VW2016 on Sierra did not exhibit the bugs/non-expected behavior. I am running VW2017 (and VW2016) on macOS Sierra on my production machine with active projects, 14 hours a day with no problems whatsoever, except for the bugs noted above. HOWEVER!!! I defer to the developer's recommendation NOT to install Sierra until it is supported.
  2. Yes, iCloud storage is on by default, but it's easy enough to disable. In the iCloud Drive preference pane, there is a checkbox for "Documents & Desktop". I haven't had any problems with files disappearing or other strange behavior. Right now, only the Documents and Desktop folders are impacted...
  3. Siri can be enabled or disabled with one check box (enabled by default). Also, you have to use a keystroke to talk to Siri anyway...it isn't listening all the time (like Alexa). My Parallels VM is still in my Documents folder after the upgrade (it doesn't get moved), but it isn't in iCloud. In the Finder there is a new column (disabled by default) that shows the iCloud status. Maybe because the VM file is a package, or that it's too large...but even though it's in the documents folder, it's not in the cloud. Also, I'm pretty sure you can change the default Parallels VM location, so I don't think this is an issue. Also, you can disable this feature completely.
  4. I didn't think Siri on the Mac would be a big deal...but so far, I'm using it a lot more than I thought I would. iCloud documents is great...might even move some of my primary project folders to iCloud from Dropbox. Overall, I think Sierra is really good...and under-rated...but to each his own. VW2017 still cranking away...no issues so far.
  5. I did...a few hours after it was released....yeah, I know.... So far, no problems whatsoever. VW2017 running like a champ on my mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro. All plug-ins working as well...
  6. Works great for me so far...actually feels faster and more stable, even with Spotlight indexing in the background for what feels like an eternity.
  7. It's launch day, so I expect problems..for me, 2015 is not stable enough for production work. It is noticeably faster, but working with Sheet viewports crashes every time and annotations in viewports keep the beach ball spinning. Had to go back to 2014 for now...but, the export process back to 2014 was flawless.


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