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  1. How can I create saloon doors for a western set I'm designing? Similar to the ones in the link I'll attach.
  2. Thanks gentleman, I will get to work on it and see if I run into any problems. Benson, sorry I should have been more specific. The dimensions were not really a concern it was more of a concern of how to make a curved window like the one in "Rope". Thanks again!
  3. What is the best way to create the exact type of window in the main room in "Rope"? Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow, nice. Did you draw a spiral and a circle then EAP? My colleagues and I couldn't figure out how to do the taper of the spiral. Thanks I appreciate all the help you are providing.
  5. What version of Vectorworks is your attachment? I have 12 and it won't let me open it.
  6. I am trying to design a life size version of the mountain Jack Skelington walks on in A Nightmare Before Christmas theme Company party. I have never used nurbs and any tutorials you may know of, links, pdfs would be greatly appreciated. [img:center]http://pichost.me/1459208/[/img]
  7. In short, You're awesome! I get drunk with excitement each time I learn something new with Vectorworks, thanks a million!
  8. Thanks michaelk, but how do you create a texture "with a mask"? I usually duplicate a texture, rename it, import image file. What extra steps would I have to do? Thanks
  9. I am trying to create a company logo that has white letters with black shadows and one letter that is orange to be placed on an extrude that is representing a 3/4" plexi sign. The Photoshop texture is a png. I have also tried jpeg. Jpeg I get a grey background when I import it creating a texture. The .png file imports and looks glitched. Is it possible to color the extrude overall clear then on the top class apply the lettering texture? If not, is it possible to create such a sign?
  10. I have created some custom sconces using extrudes and I inserted two Light tool, spotlight tool, for the lighting effect. It looks fabulous until the final few tics of Final Quality Renderworks finishes and the lighting symbols and the direction they're pointing in cover the rendering. Is there a way to hide these symbols from showing through the extrudes they are hidden in?
  11. I am currently designing the interior of a fitness center and I am duplicating the plans from the developer. The two entrance doors have window lights on either side but raised 10" from the floor. Is it possible to raise the window lights, because they just default to running the same length as the door. I temporarily added custom windows next to the doors but it adds an extra 2" sash to the plans and I have to make the windows smaller to match the width of the windows above the door. Thanks!
  12. Thanks I'll check it out.


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