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  1. Microspot (MacroEnter)does indeed have a new driver which is supported under OSX and will drive the HP 500ps. Go to Macroenter.com for latest info.
  2. If I am not mistaken VectorDepot has such a scrip available. vectordepot.com
  3. Someone, somewhere recommended a great command which creates the 4 elevation views of your model on a separate layer. I think you can still get this command at: http://www.monitor.net/~dbelfm/elevmod.htm
  4. Cipes, Thanks for the response...I do have your gwindow plugin, which has saved me lots of work. I used g window to make some custom window symbols which I could only save with the file (how the hell do I get them into a foldeer available for other files??) You don't, by any chance have a gdoor plugin similar to gwindow? I have used the OI to turn windows into doors. Thanks for gwindow!! Fred
  5. There are times when I want to draw a single 2D building elevation and have not used walls, model, etc. I would like to use the VWA doors and window symbols which only place in "plan" view, not elevation. The only way I have found to use these symbols is to place them, convert their view to, say front, convert to group, return to "plan view" and then place them in my elevation. There used to be in minicad just plain old 2D elevation view door & window symbols but these seem to have disappeared. Is the method I described above the only way to do what I want or is there another procedure. Mac, OS 9x, VW 8.5 + architect
  6. quote: Originally posted by Katie: I wonder if it has something to do with the Distiller having to interact with a carbonized application. I am going to have to do some research at adobe in regards to this. Just wondering if there is a problem with distiller and carbon applications and if you found out anything?
  7. Katie, I'm still in VWA 8.x (for plotting reasons) is this tool in that version - what you describe it just what I'm looking for. Cipes - No Offense Taken.. all input is valuable and very welcome here. Fred
  8. There is one command I use a lot in autocad that breaks a line into two at a selectable point...I wish VW could do this, or , if it does, can someonw tell me where it is. fjjRA
  9. Yes, I know this action but compared to the AC break tool this is crap. In ac when you select the tool just click where you want the break to occur and voila, you have two lines. Just one step.
  10. So... I can keep my OS 9.x upgrade to VW 9.5, upgrade to Graphic Pak and all is well, or run both in classic mode under OSX. Thanks. fjjRA
  11. Katie, one question... I am upgrading to OSX, Vectorworks 9.5 and MacPlot Graphic Pak to drive my HP 330 (non-postscript) will there be any plotting problems with this set-up under OSX? fjjRA
  12. Recently modeled a special education classroom for a school project - I needed review by the instructor. There is no symbol or plug-in for either a chalkboard or tackboard. I used the simple window and made in 20' wide x 2" deep x 4' high as a work-around. Might these types of objects be included at some future date. I also had a problem with the fascia over one bank of tall cabinets - no matter how I tried the fascia stayed on the ground instead of 7' above the floor. Used a wall type,separate layer, set z height, layer link, etc.. no dice... anyone know what I did wrong?? fred
  13. I think John Cruet who posts to these forums uses an Encad plotter which he swears by...may be the best solution.Fred [ 02-07-2002: Message edited by: FRED JOHNSON ]
  14. Henry, The MacPlot Raster (GraphicPak) has been updated to work with VW9.5 and OSX, per my communication with MicroEnter(mircospot) There should be no problem driving your 350C with this new driver. If the plotter is still working why not just upgrade your driver. I use a HP330 for my relatively low plotting needs and this is the way I'm going to go in the near future.
  15. I was wondering if anyone out there who is detailing steel stairs has developed a script for a plug in to set parameters such as stringer size, riser, tread, etc.. to develop standard stair details - sort of a speciality. fjjRA
  16. Hmmm... using a PC as a Mac print server...this is something I have never seen before. Please describe exactly how you hooked this up; software, cables etc.. interested. fjjRA
  17. There are a couple of issues here for me... 1. As far as I can tell VW 9.5 offers only slight improvements over the 8.5 I use now (this is purely related to the type of work I do.) 2. OSX, for what I have seen, played with and read about offers only slight enhancements for me (again, my style of working) and I have no x applications, no real reasons to upgrade the existing applications, so who needs the OSX in "classic" stuff. 3. "Sidegrading " to macplot graphicpak would offer plotting enhancements I can use now and in the future if I change my mind on 1 & 2 above, so I'll probally take this route. Suggestions by aersloat, which I appreciate and thank you for, introduce a hassle I don't have now and see no need for.
  18. I am just a little crabby... vw 9.5 upgrade now requires a $350 (discounted)"sidegrade" to macplot graphicpak, just to maintain the same vector output I've been enjoying for years. At this point I really must examine 9.5 feature by feature to see if the upgrade is really worth +$700 to me. fjjRA
  19. Postscript output is fine for those with medium to large plotting demands... I plot maybe 4 24 x 36 sheets a month and Macplot pro & hp/gl2 driver to my hp330 has been flawless up to now. When I upgrade to wva 9.5 I will have to upgrade to macplot graphicpak also, just to plot from my now carbon application. There has got to be a reasonable non-postscript plotting solution from someone, without going into debt. fred johnson
  20. Katie, The link brings up an error - no info for an updater. fjjRA
  21. Now THAT seems to be a definite improvement! I would move on to 9.5 in a heartbeat if the plotting problems, as I understand them (plotting from a carbon-based application using system 9.x) can be resolved...or has it been resolved?? Thanks, fjjRA
  22. Mike, I'm using Macplot Pro to plot to my HP330, under system 9.1. If I upgrade to VW9.5 only, everything else staying put would there be a plotting problem?
  23. Has hatches been improved in 9.5?. Last night I came face to face with the problem of scaling the VW earth hatch, what a hassle, never got it right, why is it so @@#-%^&* big in the first place. Just how does one adjust the $$#-##@! slider things anyway? At this point I've come to avoid all hatches as a matter of course--not good.
  24. Yes, metal deck! Both floor and roof types wouold be great as a modifyable linetype, similar to PowerCadd WildTools which has just this type of tool. fjjRA
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