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  1. This is sort of related... In preparation to upgrading to VWA10 I downloaded CarbonLib 1.6 (I will be staying with 9.x for awhile) Now that I have 1.6 what do I do with it - exact directions would be helpful!
  2. kATIE, Thanks for the help - I already downloaded it to another mac and I will copy in on the other machine via zip and follow you instructions. KEVIN, Thanks also but the mac I'm installing it on is not connected to the internet.
  3. Is this tool still available in VWA 10? This could use a GOOD reworking - there is almost zero documentation in 8.5 and it actually takes HOURS to trace a small scanned photo. I would like to see improvements in the time, sensitivity and how about some tips on preparing your photo, say in photoshop, so that the vectorizing can be quicker and better.
  4. This is very helpful - how do you change the sizes of the various joist options - this is a very important object for my type of work.
  5. Katie, There is a description of a Bar Joist Tool but nothing on how it actually works. Is it a 2D symbol tool with a library , like the current structural steel shapes? Is it 3D also? The general feature listing seems impressive and a worthwhile upgrade, especially since microspot's newest x-rip driver update supports my trusty HP330.
  6. I have thought of upgrading... V9x is carbon, so.. new plotter software required - it adds up and when I consider that I normally use only a fraction of VW's features now the workarounds seem to make sense, moneywise.
  7. Katie, I am still using VW8.5 - that scale button does not seem to exist in this version. It is nice to know that newer versions have addressed this issue for when I upgrade. Fred
  8. I STILL think the issue is having a easy way to SCALE hatch patterns from the dialog window. Or even having the hatch scale relative to the layer scale would work better than it does now.
  9. I have never been happy using the hatch command; the more common architectural ones such as "concrete" and "earth" come in way to big. As a work-around I place the hatch, select it then scale it by 1/2 - this is visually better for me. I'm sure there are other ways to do this and I would appreciate input here. I would love it if in the hatch scale set up box there was a simple imput to scale the hatch up or down similar to autocad. the hatch scale feature is complicated to the poinbt of being unusable.
  10. Katie, There is also a free PDF Writer available at VectorDepot.


    Katie, In general, do you recommend postscript output for VW files?


    I forgot to mention that all of the above fonts are "True-type" fonts but, I believe there are postscript versions available. For pure postscript try "Tekton" a great looking font - try PhilsFonts.com for this.


    I use both "Mr Hand" and "Heavyhand" which I bought from Objects Online (.com) You can get there via link at the Vectorworks website. I also use "Graphite" which I got with a Mac/PC copatible HP Printer. All three are good "hand drafted" type fonts - Hand and Heavyhand appear like you added presssure to your triangle-type lettering. Regards, Fred
  14. I thought that this was fixed already in VW9x. I remember when upgrading from MiniCAd 7 to VW all minicad files would automatically open as VW with the option to save as MC7.
  15. I am not sure where you fellows are, but I usually take about 40 hours for a decent sized addition, which run 5 or 6 sheets. This includes initial and some client meetings. I have been a licensed architect since "78". I think that Cipes is closer to real world professional work here.
  16. I have partially solved my problem of having a dimension style for both 1/8 and 1/4 scale drawings where the arrows/slash is relative, by setting up an additional dimension standard. However, there is no way to modify the slash thickness for difference dimension standards. Once you set it it remains the same for all dimension standards. The routine which lets to change or customize standards as a VW preference should include this feature.
  17. Peter, I guess you are right. I was trying to eliminate setting up a stationary document just for use with 1/8 scale plans but maybe this is the way to go. It is not something I need very often. Thanks for responding, Fred
  18. That is the method I use. I set the font and size similar in work to what I'm using in VW and paste as picture. One thing, you can only do this with ONE word page at a time - if you need a larger size change the page set-up in word to "legal" or a larger "custom" page size.
  19. My dimension slash size & thickness is set up perfectly for a 1/4 scale plan drawing and works for larger details that require dimensions. However, at times, I have an 1/8 scale plan and the slashes are now too big. Is there a way of setting up a separate "1/8 scale dimension slash standard" to use on these occasions without having to change my 1/4 plan standard??
  20. I will try to see if I can post propline.mcd at Vector Depot.
  21. Suzzane, I believe that if you go to http://www.monitor.net/~dbelfm/propline.htm you can still find a scrip called PropLine 1.09MCD.sit.hqx This scrip will draw the property line via worksheet input, label the distances and draw the north arrow - all on a separate layer. I have "architect" and I use this script - I have no idea who wrote it , where it came from, or even how I found it. Regards, Fred
  22. I use "group - copy - paste into new layer at larger scale with all layers visible option checked for this sort of thing. I think Julian Carr does have such a snapshot tool which probally works better though.
  23. I would settle for an autobackup of the file when you close it, perhaps this could be tied to the autosave function. The backup should be saved in the same location with a suffix (ie. autocad used .bak) so that this could be deleted or changed and the backup opened if the original becomes corrupted, etc..
  24. Mike, your drawings are fantastic! You might consider posting some at Vector Depot. What I especially like is that it is large scale non-residential work. Keep It Coming! Fred
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