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  1. I use "Mr Hand" and "Heavy Hand", which are part of the Architect's Font Pack. Both true type and postscript versions are included.

    I think you can find them at ObjectsOnline.com there is also a reference to them at the VW website, third-party add on products, I think. By the way, I also use a true type Graphite without having any problems.


  2. This is sort of related, when I print from 8.5 on a G3 with carbon lib 1.6 to one of my old stylewriter 1200 or 2500 the same thing happens to vertical dimensions. Using the HP 952 all is well. Perhaps the DJ100 is not optimized for carban lib 1.6??

  3. OK, I'm on a mac G3 running OS9.x & HP330, with no plans to upgrade to OSX in the near future. I'm thinking of upgrading to VWA10 and my plotter driver to Microspot Graphic Pack 5.1.2. My total cost is would be around $875...not chump change. Can someone tell me if I will have ANY problems PLOTTING before I take this plunge?? All advice, so far, has been GO FOR IT!!

  4. Just wondering what kind of performance I can expect using vwa10 under OS9.x.. are there any features I would lose...how does the interface appear onscreen. I want to upgrade vwa but OSX has no great appeal for me at the moment.

  5. Vik,

    I have inquired about this myself...the answer seems to be that if you are using OS9.x and MacPlot Pro you will have to upgrade to the latest version of MacPlot Raste to plot a carbon application (VW 9.5 and up. If you are using OS10x you will need the Microspot X-rip driver.

    There is a discount cost for upgrades and using VW, but the discount is not much.



  6. kATIE,

    Thanks for the help - I already downloaded it to another mac and I will copy in on the other machine via zip and follow you instructions.


    Thanks also but the mac I'm installing it on is not connected to the internet.


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