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  1. Does VWA2009 have a feature to offset walls? Years ago I downloaded a scrip someone made to do just this in earlier versions and it became a real timesaver for me. I do have 2009VWA but have yet to load it as I am still deciding on which new Mac to purchase.

  2. I am finally upgrading VWA 8.5 to VWA 2009 + RW; up till now the upgrade was not necessary for my workload. I will also be upgrading my old G4 to a new 24" IMac dual core intel machine. Question is can I continue to use my old HP330 which is in fine shape? If so, what do I need for a driver or one built into the current OS? Any help will be appreciated.

  3. I used the OS9 install disc to boot the mac at startup with the

    "c" key depressed, then did a clean install of OS 9.2. After a restart I used the OSX system preferences to have the mac start up with OS9. Everything seems fine, so far and I loaded one OS9 program just to check. System profiler shows that OSX is still there although I don't know how to activate it if I wanted to.

    This excercise was to allow me to use my older and highly customized version of VW Architect 1 at remote locations, such as a client's house and to continue to use my specification writing software, also highly customized, running an older, and better version (IMHO)of MS Word. Thanks Islandman & David for your help.


  4. I have an old macbook which was upgraded to OS 10 +, now I wish to "downgrade" it back to OS 9 (which was what it came with) to use some older software. I have the original restore CD but I don't know exactly how to do the downgrade. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Pat,

    Thanks but I do not quite understand your reply..I would be getting a new full package 2009 Architect with Renderworks for new installation on a new computer, not an upgrade of any sort; new from scratch. I am currently still using Architect ver 1 on a G4 (OS 9.2.2) without renderworks so everything will be new, I kept abreast over the various newer versions but will still have a decent learning curve.

  6. I am thinking of upgrading to architect 2009 and I have a simple question: When you order the package with Renderworks is RW intergrated or loaded as a separate package??

  7. Peter,

    I will need to plot sooner than later and x-rip is a lot cheaper than a new plotter. My 330 was refurbished at an HP service shop and is in new working condition - the 430 is just a newer name for the 330 with the same features and gimp may, in fact , drive it. Bottom line: I would consider a 430 if the price was right because, as you said, its got built-in OS support and the 330 won't last forever.

  8. Katie,

    Checked the gimp web site, seems the 330 is not supported but both older 220 and 450 are.. so I think I'll plan on X-rip. I need to get all my upgrade costs lined up before I jump in 12.5x


  9. I am not in a position to compare as, at the moment, I have neither gimp or x-rip. I was just wondering if someone plotting from vw is using gimp in lieu of x-rp and what plotters gimp supports.

  10. I am thinking up upgrading computer to new iMac w/ 10.4x and VW to 12.5. Does the OS still have gimp drivers included or will I need to get X-rip 1.7 to use my old but still going strong HP330?

  11. Guys (& Katie)

    Thanks for the advice and time..the iMac is it. I'll be ready to purchase something in the next month so at that time I'll compare prices (new vs refurbished, etc.) got price for upgrading to 12.5 and x-rip so I need to keep those in mind.

  12. Just Curious re iMac... refurbished 2.0 Ghz G5 or new Intel.. my son , the graphic designer, has a new intel iMac which has to run non-universal apps photoshop, quark, etc.. and gets lots of sowtware crashes.

  13. I'm thinking that I have one more computer / cad upgrade left in this life (age & stuff) and the only reason to upgrade at all is that although everything works fine now, for what I do (no rendering) its all old stuff (computer, plotter, printer, plot driver)and if any one element goes I would have no choice but to start from scratch. 12.5 seems like such a great upgrade it may be time to bite the bullet sooner than later.

  14. Actually, speed is relative..I'm using Architect 1.0 on a 450 mhz G4 tower with 512 ram and, for what I do, speed, in terms of response to command input, never has been as issue; started with G3. I'm getting older and spend more time as a spec writer than designer. I'm not sure what is meant by "speed", can someone shed some light on what "speed" means to them. I did notice the G4 was faster than the G3, but the time it took to produce a given set of documents did not seem to decrease with the benifit of the faster machine..I also price my services by the hour.

  15. I'm posting this here as I intend to upgrade my architect package from 1.0 to 12.5 (I know, I know). I have a chance of getting an Emac for a give away price and wondering if anyone was using this machine. It will run VW only and I will also have to update plotter driver. Specs:

    1Gz G4 (133MHZ)

    1 GB SDRAM


    17" display

    ATI Raeon 7500, AGP 4 x support, 32 MB DDR SDRAM

  16. I believe Petri is correct, the ceiling grid is a Hatch. I guess by combining it with the retangle, converting to poly and then to floor object it became my "floor object", and when copied to another layer, my "ceiling object". It would seem that any hatch used this way would correctly represent itself in isometric and perspective views although I don't understand how this should work. Perhaps a 3D ceiling grid object with options might be a good idea, or at least a 2D plug-in.

  17. OK, this is what worked:

    1. created a layer called floor, made 24' x 24 rectangle, hatched it using the architect 24 x 24 ceiling grid & bucket.

    2. grouped the hatched rectangle and used "convert line to poly " command.

    3. used the "floor" command to convert the poly object to a floor object with a thickness of 1".

    4. made a new layer called walls with a delta z height of 8', drew 3 enclosing ealls over the floor object.

    5. Created a layer called model and layer link to floor & wall layers.

    6. 2 x 2 "floor" grid appears correctly in all generated isometric and perspective views.

    QUESTION: Is the ceiling grid tool in the architect toolkit an object or a hatch?

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