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  1. Bruce,

    The 2010 training DVD has a little of everything, indluding fundamentals and spotlight,I believe, as well as taking one through a small project - similar to the 2009 VWA traianing dvd I suppose. Funny thing, I also received the 2009 training dvd which would not run under SN.

  2. Peter,

    FWIW Macro Enter's X-Rip software supports the 430 and earlier 330, is updated for 10.6 and can be purchased with the necessary parallel to USB cable. This will let me continue to use the 430 for B&w output and my HP8750 for 13 x 19 color stuff. SL has the necessary driver and I got the printer for free.

  3. Pressing "C" then marquee the area to be zoomed in on works fine, I also found the marquee zoom tool on the basic tool palette so I'm a happy camper, for now. Is there a way to keep some tool sets open all the time without creating a new workspace?

  4. In VW 8.5, Architect 1, there was an icon at the top, similar to the 2010 zoom position that represented a "window" zoom. Click on it, window a portion of the drawing and that portion was enlarged to fit the screen. There was another icon on the bottom which you clicked to return you to the screen view before the zoom (previous view). I can't seem to find these two features (icons) in 2010 and I wonder if they are still there in another form or were they eliminated in a previous version. For the old timers out there I believe Minicad had the same features.

  5. OK I just upgraded to VWA 2010 from 8.5, new computer, OS, the works. I started playing around with 2010 just to feel my way around what has changed since 8.5. (LOTS!!)before starting the training DVD's. This may be a stupid question but what happened to the "zoom window" command? If its there I can't seem to find it. If its gone I will really miss it, I'm probally just not seeing it.

  6. Since my new IMac should arrive by thursday of this week, and I purchased VWA2009 in July with a free upgrade offer to VW2010 I am taking NNA at its word and emailed a request for the 2010 upgrade. I am expecting to have to pay the $15 shipping cost and even offered to return the unopened 2009. I will let the Board know if I have any problems getting the free upgrade.

  7. I do intend to order two of the manuals; the Essentials and Architect manuals. I downloaded a sample for architect which shows how to lay out a site plan - uses the script I downloaded years ago..the sample specifically mentions your manual for "increased productivity", I cannot find this manual anywhere on your website. Can you tell me more about it.

  8. Thanks, that is good to know. You may not remember me but our CT User Group did a live video workshop with you a couple of months ago; I believe the topic was design-layer viewports. There is a lot of new stuff to learn in going from VWA8.5 to 2009.


  9. Does VWA2009 have a feature to offset walls? Years ago I downloaded a scrip someone made to do just this in earlier versions and it became a real timesaver for me. I do have 2009VWA but have yet to load it as I am still deciding on which new Mac to purchase.

  10. I am finally upgrading VWA 8.5 to VWA 2009 + RW; up till now the upgrade was not necessary for my workload. I will also be upgrading my old G4 to a new 24" IMac dual core intel machine. Question is can I continue to use my old HP330 which is in fine shape? If so, what do I need for a driver or one built into the current OS? Any help will be appreciated.

  11. I used the OS9 install disc to boot the mac at startup with the

    "c" key depressed, then did a clean install of OS 9.2. After a restart I used the OSX system preferences to have the mac start up with OS9. Everything seems fine, so far and I loaded one OS9 program just to check. System profiler shows that OSX is still there although I don't know how to activate it if I wanted to.

    This excercise was to allow me to use my older and highly customized version of VW Architect 1 at remote locations, such as a client's house and to continue to use my specification writing software, also highly customized, running an older, and better version (IMHO)of MS Word. Thanks Islandman & David for your help.



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