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  1. I was having having the same problem then realized the bubble was being inserted on a layer set to "overlay" or transparent. When I changed the layer appearance to "paint" bubbles displayed correctly. HTH, fjjRA
  2. Brian, If this patch is downloable only exactly how do I do this: I access the web, etc.. from a PC but VW&VWA are on my Mac--a totally separate machine. Can you give me detailed instructions how. Thanks, fred
  3. I understand that the VA 1.01 upgrade will be available shortly... will this be available on a CD instead of/with on-line patch. My vote is for the CD and readme file. Some sort of "bug fix/feature listing in advance of release would be helpful. fjjRA
  4. Are we talking about the title block created with VA assistant? When I tried this the font was so large it overwrote other sections of the block. Is it really as simple as selecting it, edit symbol and changing the font & size? Somehow I did not understand or get this from the manual...please give more specific instructions (for the slow of mind)
  5. Kevin, I think here the issue is not "scalability"; the electrical symbols adjust themselves to suit the layer scale--no problem there. It just seem that, what I will call the "base symbol drawing", is way off. If we normally draw our floor (electrical)plans at say 1/4" = 1'-0" scale, these symbols should have a professional appearance at this scale, which is retained at larger or smaller layer scale.
  6. How about it Robert, can something be done about these oversized electrical symbols, the whole library needs to be rescaled?
  7. Is it just me or are the electrical symbols just too big? I had the same problem with the electrical library in MC7, which I resolved by creating my electrial layouts on a layer scaled 1/2 the floor plan layer. The appearance was much better and more professional looking. Has anyone elese noticed this? fjjRA
  8. Now you're talking SERIOUS productivity! fjjRA
  9. Thanks, I feel sort of stupid for asking. fjjRA
  10. Does VWA automatically assign lineweights to objects, if so, can these be changed on the fly without screwing things up?
  11. Last night I imported a small floor plan from MiniCAd into VWA... all of the arcs representing door swings, electrical wiring, etc.. printed with the arcs filled back to the radius points, like several pieces of pie. These wedges were not visible on screen but printed. Upon selecting a sample arc I noticed that VW had assigned a solid fill where MC had "none". I was able to get rid of the wedges by selecting each one and changing the background to none, a disturbing process. Has anyone else noticed this or can recommend a method to avoid this condition. TIA, fjjRA
  12. Kevin, Got around to experimenting with the markers and object info palette... everything works just as you described and all choices are there. Thanks for your help, fjjRA
  13. I'm curious, Can't you open the file from within 8.5 (file-open-etc..)? fjjRA
  14. Kevin, Thanks, I'll give it a try. fjjRA
  15. Thanks Mark, Installation was a smap and worked in accordance with the manual. I experimented with bringing a MC7 drawing into VW, translation was flawless. fjjRA
  16. I have noticed that the section marker in Architect is not the same as the one in VW, nor does it resemble the picture on the palette..(circle with a small filled point, instead of a filled triangle) is this really the case or am I missing a marker. I also prefer the way VW works in placing the markers to Architect, can VW's pull-down menu be brought into Architect with the workspace editor? fjjRA
  17. I have upgraded to VectorWorks and Architect. My question is this, where, exactly, in the VectorWorks folder does "Architect" need to be put, "Workspaces", "Plugins",or what? My initial installation did not list Architect as available under workspaces. There is also a folder labeled "Workspaces" within the Workspace folder. Need a little advise here. Mac System. fjjRA
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