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  1. Thanks. I must still be missing something. if after you have it done, and the LD changes fixture ID's I can't get it to update.... your file change 101 to 601 but can't get anything to refresh showing the changes... worksheet or breakout box.... what am I missing?
  2. can you add more instructions on this as what I have seen is a little confusing. also how to make cable path with multi head then get circuit info into the breakout without manually entering it all in.. if I use jumper tool from light to breakout and the light has unit number why doesn't it transfer over easily. thanks
  3. can you send me a file showing this as I must be getting old as can't get it to work correctly ..
  4. can we have more function with cable lengths on cable types.... ie Motor cable lengths are different that Power cable, which are different from data cable, and data cable is different from 3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, Sceptron cable, BNC, Ethercon, etc.. might want to look at http://www.spotlt-lamplt.nl. and see how he has been doing cable for years and try and do something similar.
  5. Love this symbols... Any way of getting a copy of the VWX file??? thanks
  6. Looking for a 3D of a 4' MR-16 strip light. Thanks.
  7. Looking for a 3D of a 4' MR-16 strip light. Thanks.
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