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  1. i mean, when i cr?ate a pad over the terrain level (like 1 or 2 meters) it will display correct. But when i creat under the terrain level (-2 mts) it doesnt appear plan...only the lowest part change correctly but the higest side remains at the same level so i obtain a slope terrain and not plain
  2. i,ve rendered the terrain and it seems ok but when i try to cr?ate a pad it doesn't do nothing (i've postioned the pad at a -2 mts from the top of the hill, i've created the boundary outside of the pad and i've updated the site modifier but nothing happens....any tips?
  3. thank you so much mar schrammeyer i have created the site with contour every 0,5 mts and its look like very similar at what i was expected!
  4. i'm not a Vectorworks expert but i've bought a terrain in the top of a hill so yesterday i went with a friend and we measured the terrain level in several points with a optic Topcon station and i-ve annoted the data on a hand made plan of the terrain (about 30 points)...today i draw the terrain with VW...i've done it as a 3d polygon but now i don't have the idea on how to put my points inside it to obtain a 'deformed'polygon that looks like a mountain terrain...maybe this is the wrong method? Thanks a lot in advance
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