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  1. Hello, I am at a loss as to how I move the sheet marker (is that what it's called?) see att. it is in the way of my viewport drawing. I know how to change the crop of the viewport but can you move them?
  2. I unchecked it but nothing happened. when I am looking at my design layer the drawing is scaled correctly. When I look at my sheet layer with my title block, the title block is scaled and sized correctly but I see my design layer and it is huge. do I need to create a new design layer and import the title block sheet layer? create a viewport?
  3. I unchecked "ignore layers with different scale" no difference. never done a viewport before... Under unified view options it doesn't have a "turn off unified view" button
  4. I have created a custom title block style but when I created a plan on my design layer, it is viewed on my sheet layer(title block) in a giant scale, and when I look at my design layer I can't see the title block. The design layer is at 1:48. the title block was created 1:1. how can I get both to align? I want to work on my design layer and see the title block.
  5. i am wondering if it is possible to import a sketchup model into my vw fundamentals 2015? how do i proceed? thanks
  6. i am trying to open a 3d model from SketchUp v14 to my 2009 Fundamentals with out much luck. i have perused a lot of boards saying to export it in SU v6 but i can't do that. any way to get around it? i can basically get it to open through dxf or dwg and correct the line weights but some of the shapes are twisted and mislocated. i know there has got to be a way!
  7. how do you incrementally rotate each rectangle yet keep them joined so that each rectangle twists smoothly and stays joined to the adjacent?
  8. looking to make it end up like this
  9. thanks Benson. yeah i kind of got this far but I am looking for something more contiguous that i can have text follow a path along and or render well with text. it is pretty darn tricky i must say
  10. is it possible to create a mobius strip? i have fundamentals 2009
  11. i am having a hard time creating a simple 3d terrain from a plan view topo map with elevs. any ideas?
  12. yes! success! you made my day thank you again
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