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  1. While learning more about the Title Block Plug in style (read this as fighting with it), I tried adding a new drawing border to a brand new file. No such luck as the Tool set palette location showed the red X in place of the normal icon & an ominous message popped up. I've restarted both my MacBook Pro (High Sierra) & Vectorworks 2018/SP1. Anyone else had this happen? I've submitted a request to the Tech Support group, but haven't heard back yet today.
  2. I've had problems when tracing over large PDFs. I ran the SP1 & it's been ok so far. I'm also running on a MacBook Pro, though not a new one.
  3. Is it possible to create a Dimension style where the data for the line sits right on the line instead of using the default offset of 6? My office uses the 0 offset & it takes time to adjust them. Yes, I can select similar and run the adjustment, but I'm just wondering if it can be done at creation. Thank you!
  4. Hardscape area tags have the option to be None, Left, Right, or Float. I'd like to be able to o the same with Landscape Tags as well.
  5. Since we can toggle through tool use options with the U key, can we include the Plants? Double clicking on a plant symbol brings up a 4 option menu. It would be more convenient to allow a keyboard toggle instead of moving my mouse up to select between 2D/3D/definition/path.
  6. A potential client provided an existing Realtime Landscape Architect file with the hope of being able to use it in a new project. I'm not familiar with this software. The standard import converters don't recognize it. Can they export it as a DXF/DWG file and send that or am I stuck with tracing over a PDF? Thanks...
  7. I stumbled upon a way to trace PDFs a while back. I was using VW2014 at the time. If I switched from Top/Plan to Top, I could see the PDF to trace an existing plat file. So happy with that!
  8. I tested the schedule comments & works in the plants placed with the Place Plant tool. If I add them into a Landscape area, won't that pull them from the resource manager and then impact the same plant type definition fields used elsewhere in the document?
  9. My current plant worksheets split the plants out by category (Ferns, Forbs, Graminoides, Shrubs, Trees, Vines). I would like to add a column that indicates the Planting Bed Name. I can add this bed location note within the Plant Settings dialog for the individual plant or mass. How is this accomplished when adding a Landscape Area with the specific plants defined? The plants within the bed show in the worksheet, but not the Bed name. How should the criteria be set up? (I read another post that described adding the name of the landscape area to the data tab on the OIP, and adding a formula of differentiating criteria but got lost on trying that one!)


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