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  1. I ran option 3A to reset the VW preferences & it worked. Thank you & Happy New Year!
  2. 2019 behaves as you described, but my 2020 palette stays as a minus sign & doesn't window shade. (No I don't have them running at the same time.)
  3. I've just started using 2020 recently. Did the +/- option to collapse the floating palette get taken out? I see the X for close & (-) to collapse it. Kind of miss the older action of the palette. I just ran SP 2.1 and didn't see a difference. Thanks!
  4. Have you checked to make sure that the insertion point of the outline (the offset graphic) is the same as the other components? That blue square should be in the middle of the "petals".
  5. I have mine set to 10 minutes, yet save every few actions. Too many crashes have taught me that large PDFs or reworking plant graphics cause mayhem! You might change the time settings for the autosave to one of number of actions.
  6. I'm trying to create a raised, curved walkway that slopes from a sidewalk up to a landing. There will be support columns below as part of the construction, but I don't know if they will be PT timbers or some other method. I used a hardscape with slab & set the beginning and ending points to match the needed elevations. The 3D effect looks good, but the slope percentage is higher than from doing the math the old fashioned Rise/Run method. I duplicated the working sloped hardscape and divided it into smaller sections to simplify the layout for the installation contractor, which means I needed to get beginning and ending elevations for them based on tolerable slopes and wound up going with a spreadsheet to work out the math. Definitely got out of my comfort zone with this! I've read through the Getting Started guide on the settings, but this seems to be more detailed than the guide. Would someone direct me to more references? Thank you!
  7. Looking through the building focused notes database installed with the program and am wondering if there are any already available for landscape projects? I'm looking for ones that might apply to plant installations, pathways, permeable/impervious hardscape installations. Yes, I know how to make new ones but if there is an existing set to use it would be easier.
  8. Tony, The purpose is to add a little more graphic definition than an empty shape with the tick box inside the plant shape. Tight outline is okay, but if I'm planting a large group, the graphics get a bit boring. Think of this as adding a hint of stippling to a lawn area to convey the feel of hand rendering. BTW - I tried making a new class, sending it to the top of the plants-component-outline & the plant graphic is still in charge of itself. Karyn 2019/MacBook Pro - mid 2012
  9. Is there a way to keep some/all interior lifework on plants when the massed option is selected? Just because we plant a grouping shouldn't remove the interior branchings. If no, can I then create a new class to the VWX standards for a plant record that would replicate the original lines, but remain after massing?
  10. It seems that so many tools have a preview option. Is it possible to get one to see what an area might look like before committing to the settings?
  11. The past couple of days I've noticed that I can't select a polyline object after I've rotated the view to simplify drawing. The interactive scaling mode is unrestricted. Is it operator error? Any tips are welcome!
  12. I've been using 2018 for some time now and am frustrated with the inability to change the class assigned to the North arrow. It defaults to Notes-Sheet. No matter how many times I try changing it to my own desired class or editing the class, I can not get rid of the blue fill. I can't even override the class settings in the attribute palette. What the heck am I doing wrong? (I just discovered that it is blue in some of the arrow configurations. I happen to like Config 10 though. Yes I can make my own symbol & probably will.)
  13. It used to be that I could populate the plant definition records into a new plant using the “Use Currently Selected Record”. What’s happening now is that I find a plant that matches what I want to use and run that command. None of the plant records fill into the plant style and the placeholders are deleted. Thoughts? Is this a bug?
  14. I discovered that if you change the format to curtain wall, the header goes away. I also learned how to adjust the width of the wall to quite thin and added a texture of perforated metal to both sides of the wall to create a wire mesh deer fence. It’s kind of cool!
  15. Has anyone created a workaround to insert a gate into a fence? I see that it's a wish list item but don't know if it's been acted upon yet.


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