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  1. I'm running OSX, and apparently I missed the point at which the updater snuck in QT6. Do we have any resolution to this yet?
  2. Dude, for full-height glazing, I just use extrudes (as Matthew suggested). Draw your panes and mullions in plan, then extrude as required. Remember to extrude them individually, though.
  3. Will there be a file format change? If so, NNA had best make a functional, RELIABLE, ACCURATE translator. There shouldn't be a big shift as there was from 8 to 9, so there are no excuses...
  4. Yeah, I installed the reverter and that fixes things. But still...
  5. I believe it to be PostScript issue. Printing to our PS laserjet and the PS plotter gives ugly text sometimes, yet the Epson (non-PS) has no PS font onboard, so it pulls the font info from the computer. If you could find a non-PS font, or force the printer to 'download' fonts from your computer (Illustrator can do this)... If under OSX, try Lucida Grande.
  6. ...so, do you support this formatting off the top of your head using those 'extension' things? Or would they be more secure with a banana clip?
  7. Okay, KT. Offset a line 200. With only your Object constraint on, check the distance from one endpoint to the other. Do it repeatedly, at different zooms, and panning around a bit. Do it quickly (apparently I am the only one in our office who works quickly), with no pause after you get the 'Point' cursor hint. VW9.5.b05->.2, OS9->X.1.5 The problem is synchronization between field updating and the point at which their updates are halted (at snap). When the cursor position is halted at snap, there is no check to make sure that the fields were updated AFTER snap. This is key; tell your monkeys. Nark: it's not really inaccurate, it's just unreliable and inconsistent.
  8. ...and check to see that all layers are in top/Plan view mode.
  9. Would adding code to my custom PIO's for doors and windows, to draw 3d component elements, slow down the script execution in 2d views (when you don't see any of the 3d stuff)?
  10. Why does the tape measure tool still give random distances? It's not updating the field value after the cursor has snapped. To me, it's almost useless if I want to check the drawing's accuracy.
  11. When will printed hatches be fixed from a black background (B&W on)?
  12. I decided that I at least needed some flexibility, so I changed the field from an integer to a text value. Ok. Then changed the field order. Ok now. Maybe next time.
  13. Disappearing lines (and other ones that appear) at high zoom is just an inherent charm of VW. It's been there since I started on 8.5.2.
  14. Ukayyy.McOS9.1 thru McOSX.1.5VW 8.5.2 thru 9.5.2 (incl. all releases and betas in between)HP LaserJet 4MV (postscript laser printer) (with an older, then the latest driver)HP DesignJet 500 PS (via MacPlot RIP) Three situations for testing, all with no background fill in the hatch:1- default hatch, b&w OFF: correct2- coloured hatch lines, b&w OFF: correct3- default hatch, b&w ON: correct4- coloured hatch lines, b&w ON: INCORRECT -> hatch lines are drawn white Turn ON the background fill,5- coloured hatch lines, b&w ON: INCORRECT -> hatch lines are drawn white I had this same problem on another computer (the OS9 running 8.5.2, with the older LaserJet driver) Check if PenFore and PenBack are mixed up in VS, too.
  15. Is there not a control for the index of refraction? OHOHOH, I know. Your case is a box, right? Perhaps VW is rendering it as a solid chunk of glass. Do a solid subtraction with a slightly smaller box, so that the difference in size is equal to the glass thickness. This will result in correct distortion.
  16. Other than this anomaly, how is the integrity of information from VW to A-L? Is it a straightforward export?
  17. I have a site plan with some elevation datums. Lots of them. I modified the order of the fields in the record which is attached to the datum symbol (custom, BTW), and the field value for all the instances changes to 0. Should this be happening? I repeated the process with the same result.
  18. Please make your topic titles more descriptive than just 'Help!'. The right people to answer are more likely to notice...
  19. um... liver spots... that's what I was getting at... so much for dry humour Yes, there are little specks from incorrect refreshing. It's not likely to be specific to VW (definitely not OSX) yet I have not seen it more than once or twice outside of VW.
  20. My little commandments: 1. Thou shalt not work on a v9 drawing that has been converted straight from v8. Into a FRESH document shalt thou paste thine contents, layer by layer as required. 2. Thou shalt not trust in AutoDesk. Its secretive, foolish, and unaccountable ways shall lead even the righteous astray. Do not work on a document converted straight from AutoCAD. A fresh document shalt thou create. Into this document shalt thou paste the contents. Yea, do not even then trust in the reliability of the drawing. Though much less problematic than a straight-convert, the pasted contents will give thee less headache.
  21. ... so does that explain also all the random spots that appear all over the drawing?
  22. OSX.1.5 running VW 9.5.2, working with a black background I've noticed that after a while, the grips / nodes / selection handles/ whatever-you-call-them in the O.i. Palette turn white.
  23. ... anyone using iTunes? That thing's a pig.
  24. Are you on a network? Are the files on a network drive? Did the behavior occur with 9.5.1?
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