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  1. It shows up only when I change one of the fields in the OIP, yet DOES draw correctly before popping up the message. I'm thinking it's something to do with synchronizing the record and the fields... somehow...

  2. I tried the cloud after booting to OS9, but still no go.

    Both the vw app and the revcloud file are identical to those on the other machines here, yet they work fine.

    Took cloud out of workspace, put it back in, still won't gimme NEthing.

  3. It does work, but you have to be certain that you don't have a corrupt drawing. Deleting -- or even purging -- classes can delete symbol definitions, leaving you with 3D loci.

    But that's only if it's corrupt.

    Remember to scrub v8 drawings if you're using them in v9!!!

  4. Here's a whole nickel:

    Modelling is WAY more intuitive in Rhino -- costs not a heck of a lot more than VW -- and it exports to POV-Ray (free badA$$ renderer).

    Sure you can edit any solid, but imagine an extruded box. I want to take one of the top edges and snap them to something else. Not doable. Decomposing the extrude to polys means you have to use the unreliable, ambiguous 'Object' constraint.

    I've created models more complex than Mike's, but I stand by my comments.

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