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  1. I hate VW 8.5.2. I hate VW 9.5.2. However, I'm greatly relieved that 9.5.2 came along; it fixed many issues I had with 8.5.2 and introduced only a few new bugs.
  2. My intent is a polyline, but for any time I execute the PIO, making only 2 vertices, all I get is a 'Polyline' instead of the Plug-in Object. What gives?
  3. It shows up only when I change one of the fields in the OIP, yet DOES draw correctly before popping up the message. I'm thinking it's something to do with synchronizing the record and the fields... somehow...
  4. 1. 9.3 is a beta. 2. This behavior was pretty standard for me with 8.5.2 under 9.1 when I first started with VW.
  5. Is there a way to incorporate LW's free, downloadable material libraries (.lwa) into RenderWorks?
  6. Is VectorWorks LWA-enabled? Isn't RW just LightWorks RayMaker at work?
  7. Apparently, Lightworks has developed a multi-threaded engine. Can VW take advantage of this if the app (VW), per se, is not multi-processor capable?
  8. It's one that I made from scratch. Of the five I've made, it's the first with this problem. All fields have been given defaults.
  9. Plus cmd-H in X is 'reserved' for hiding the app, but you can override it.
  10. "Object Creation failed due to Invalid Parameters" actually, the thing drew okay, but I then got this message and the PIO reverted. What gives?
  11. Yes, that occurred to me, also. I tried 1:1 and 1:100, zoomed in, zoomed out, billow height 0.25 and 0.75. Radii identical and different. If the parameters were no good for that zoom, I'd still be able to define my path.
  12. The only difference is that I ran the 952 update -- and previous updates -- under X.1.4-5... suzanne: what's your OS?
  13. I tried the cloud after booting to OS9, but still no go. Both the vw app and the revcloud file are identical to those on the other machines here, yet they work fine. Took cloud out of workspace, put it back in, still won't gimme NEthing.
  14. Is the file on a network? For a 99% certain de-corruption, copy&paste-in-place layer by layer into a new document.
  15. Whether or not I hold the click, clicking IMMEDIATELY turns the + to the 2D select arrow.
  16. You should be able to type the text, change view, then render. The text remains 2D.
  17. I'm having the same trouble as Suzanne. What am I doing wrong?
  18. That gives only the hard convert though, right?
  19. It does work, but you have to be certain that you don't have a corrupt drawing. Deleting -- or even purging -- classes can delete symbol definitions, leaving you with 3D loci. But that's only if it's corrupt. Remember to scrub v8 drawings if you're using them in v9!!!
  20. Um, how about... A BILLION BUGS GONE. (still a billion left, but it's better than nothing)
  21. My 8.5.2 would forget those 3 or 4 settings, though would switch the map-to-colour off if I had it on, or on if I had it off, then would keep THAT value.
  22. KT: Um, okay...To what post on this thread were you replying? My only comments were in support of NNA, and my negative remarks were pointed squarely at CrApple... I'm the 'vice guardian', as it were, of a McNetwork, but I do NOT aggressively support crApple.
  23. Here's a whole nickel: Modelling is WAY more intuitive in Rhino -- costs not a heck of a lot more than VW -- and it exports to POV-Ray (free badA$$ renderer). Sure you can edit any solid, but imagine an extruded box. I want to take one of the top edges and snap them to something else. Not doable. Decomposing the extrude to polys means you have to use the unreliable, ambiguous 'Object' constraint. I've created models more complex than Mike's, but I stand by my comments.
  24. VW gives you quick 3D's based on 2D stuff. Model editing, though, is no more than basic. If what gets created isn't what you want, manipulation is difficult. If you want a 3D modeler, look elsewhere. BTW, 3D Power Pack isn't worth a glance.
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